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    Dev board in 2020?

    Seems kinda hard to lay your hands on a dev board in 2020. I'm not sure how deep into this rabbit hole I'd like to go yet, so I did wonder whether a BEAGLEBOARD BBONE-AI would be good as a rough estimate of the pyra's capability? I am aware it's only a single A15 though.
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    Playing visual novels via QEMU on Pyra

    I realise that performance for QEMU is generally pants but do we think it could manage Visual Novels because I read a lot of them.
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    Native Linux ports

    What Native Steam games do we think the Pyra will be able to play. I ask as someone whose on the fence. I could probably spring for a GPD device but ultimately I kind of exist in both worlds. I appreciate that the Pyra has been made with a lot of love, the after market value seems amazing (a...