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    Pandora acting extremely slow

    So I ordered my classic unit ages ago and it was mostly a solid piece of tech; though I never had much luck running anything non emulator related as it would all eventually crash. I simply shrugged them off as my CC not being fast enough and I should just be happy with running emulators...
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    Mmorpg Maker?

    I just found out about this and it seems like a bit of a stretch but it claims it runs in all browsers and no programming: MMORPG Maker I really really wish I'm onto something lol.
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    Wine On Arm?

    I was wondering if simple programs like this could work on the Pandora or how does Wine work exactly? Mana Link it is a very basic Magic the Gathering game with basic graphics.
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    T Shirt Idea

    I was wondering would anybody here buy a shirt that read: "My other CONSOLE (Any name Genesis etc.) is a Pandora.
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    Is This Bad?

    I can't tell if this would be comfortable in you're hand or not. Pandora Copy?
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    3Do Source Avaliable?

    I came accross this and it appears the developer of FreeDO the 3DO emulator has released some part of his source code: 3DO Source I have no idea how much is there but this is the comments of the developer: "We've just released sources of main portion of FreeDO (the emulator core). It is...
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    Game Editor

    This is a request to get Game Editor working on the Pandora: Game Editor They have the full source code on the website Imagine NON coders working on Games that run on the Pandora, you can edit and make games on the go! Some clarification I'm talking about the full editor running on the...
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    Good For Pandora?

    Is this a good deal for this external HDD? 1TB HDD I was wondering if something like this would work on the Pandora if it requires power via an adapter instead of usb?
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    Emulator Fullscreen Non Stretch?

    I was wondering if any emulators on the Pandora currently support this, now I tried to ask this before but people got confused because the aspect ratio of the SNES is not 4:3 this is what I mean: rather than this...
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    What Does Optimized Even Mean?

    I know what the definition is but I see all these notes of a new emulator or some new piece of software that always says NOT FULLY OPTIMIZED YET. What has to be done that makes it optimized and what does that mean for emulators n such?
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    3Dfx Emulator?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to emulate this type of hardware on the Pandora? I ask because Gauntlet Dark Legacy requires this and Mame from what I understand just won't work with GPU based emulators.
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    How About Instead Of Making Defective Threads

    We make a thread that helps others who have just received their Pandora where to check for defects. Like a guide that tells you the most common defects and what to check. Because all these threads with people declaring their Pandora is defective just brings peoples spirits down.
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    Best Video Format

    So I used to decrypt DVDs and convert TV episodes and movies for my PSP and I always used MP4 because it was basically the only format that worked well on the PSP. Since I will be getting a Pandora the options are far grander :P . I was wondering what is the best format for videos? Which one...
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    I was wondering if this would be possible to port to the Pandora? OpenMW
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    I Finally Ordered One

    The odd thing is I have yet to receive any sort of email acknowledging that I have ordered just a copy of the google check out recite with my order number. It is a bit strange usually in situations like this there is a follow up email sent to the person who ordered their product saying something...
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    Game Maker Program

    I used to be into Game Maker by YoYo but lost intrest when I found out programs can only run in Windows due to it's closed source nature. So I have been searching for an open source replacement I might of found one. Construct is open source and it looks quite promising Construct Home Page . It...
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    Price Wrong?

    I went to my google checkout link and it said 251 Euros total but it converted that to 381 USD. How is this right? Unless the Euros priced changed shouldn't 250 euros be 314 bucks? Even with 24 dollar shipping that is still only around 340 bucks. Where is this extra 40 coming from? 350 + 25...
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    Tor Network

    Is this possible, can you connect to tor on the Pandora?
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    Ok So What Are They Thinking?

    Found this new bid on eBay for a Pandora it's up to 500 USD. Stupid Bid I mean unless someone thinks the Pandora will cost that much in batch 2 or they really cant wait 2 months than wtf.
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    Icon Chnaging Possible?

    Will it be possible to change the icon of each PND to what we wish? That way basicly everything about the Pandora is customizable :P .