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    [WTB] Openpandora PCB / Mainboard

    Hello, for some experiments I'm looking for a Openpandora PCB. It doesn't matter if it is a 1st edition, rebirth or 1GHz version. Pandoras with broken case, display or LCD cable are welcome. Please state in addition the price for the PCB the price for shipping to Germany.
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    Mailing list archive down

    Hi, to shorten the time until the pyra arrives I'm reading the archive of the pyra kernel mailing list ( but suddenly it is not longer available. Does anyone have an idea where the archive went? Regards Stefan
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    NFS mount broken

    Hello, from time to time i'm using NFS to access files located on my desktop (nfs server/debian wheezy) on my pandora (nfs client). This is suddenly broken (still worked yesterday). The pandora sees the desktop inside the network...
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    [solved] run cdevtools.pnd from remote computer

    Hello, I like to run the cdevtools.pnd from remote computer (tunneling X over ssh), in this case my desktop PC. Until now i managed to start some normal X programs like xfce4-about from my desktop, but running the pnd fails like below $ /bin/bash /usr/pandora/scripts/ -p...
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    [solved] Mini USB adaptor/cable

    Hello, until now i tried twice to buy a mini USB (male) to USB A (female) cable or adaptor to connect my USB devices, that don't work on the USB A connector [1]. At least for the UMTS stick it is not a option to use a USB hub. What i bought so fare can be physically connected to the pandora...