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    Littlegptracker 1.0

    LittleGPTracker 1.0 is out ! Even on cracked and worn out GP2X, the pig still rox the block ! Here's a rough cut of the features since 0.52a: + Sample library & import support + Groove support for odd time signature + Debian build + Allows creation of project from the program itself + new...
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    Gp2x + Littlegptracker = Loads Of Noise !

    Enjoy the pig on major P.A. :)
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    Gp2x Featured At Linux Audio Conference

    Hi Guys, Just a quick post to say that Patric Catani & Myself will be performing a small set at the Linux Audio Conference 2008 in Cologne this coming friday at the club night... using our beloved GP2X & LittleGPTracker ! More info at:
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    Littlegptracker V0.52a

    Hi, Today I'm releasing an official new version of littlegptracker, available on GP32,GP2x, Windows & now Mac. LittleGPTracer is a tracker optimised for handheld usage. Know your moves ! Here's a brief summary of the main update points: * MAC OSX is now officially supported * New filter...
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    GP2X Compiling Usbaudio

    Ok, I'm a total n00b with respect to linux kernel and other greasy system tasks. However today I stubled across this post:;#entry437387 basically saying he had usbaudio (I read that as usb class generic audio driver) to work. This is somehow...
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    Littlegptracker Songs

    Hi All, I've overhauled the sounds page of LittleGPTracker featuring all GP2x/GP32 tracks made with the pig. This shows up the variaty of styles you can end up with. Enjoy, Marc.
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    Gp2x Rockin The Dutchies

    Took the pig brothers for a spin at Nijmegen's doornroosje. The GP2x sounds ace on big PA !!! View it here:
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    Gp Made Tracks

    I've put up a page with the tracks resulting from the 10k competition. The 10k comp challenged people using LittleGPTracker to use all the processing power of their GP to write a track using a very small subset (10k) of samples. The page is here. All tracks coming straight from LGPT !
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    Littlegptracker Hops To 0.5

    I've finally release an official update of LittleGPTracker. There's been a LOT of changes since the last release (0.32a) so I'll only resume only major features here:LSDj like tables for heavy modulation. Tables can be triggered either from a TABL command or linked to an instrument in the...
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    Littlegptracker V0.32a

    I'm proud to release a new version of littlegptracker for GP2X,GP32 & W32. This version, 0.32a, adds a couple of nice features, especially multi project selection at startup (allows to switch between projects without the need of a computer to rename files) and a very nice dirty low pass filter...
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    GP2X Gp2x And Midi

    Hi guys.. this week end I've done an attempt at stuffing midi in the GP2x of littleGPtracker through serial. Apart from the bugging thing that the serial is used to route stdout & stderr, I've discovered the kernel does not seem to support Midi Baud rate. I've got a few options to work around...
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    Littlegptracker V0.31a

    Yesterday I've released LittleGPTracker V0.31a for alll supported plaforms: GP2X/GP32/Windows. There's a lot of updates and fixes since V0.30a, so dig the revision text in the archive and the GP2x version is now a lot more stable/faster than the original alpha thanks to paeryn's work on his HW...
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    Littlegptracker Alpha Version

    Hi there, I feel confident enough with the 2x version to release an Alpha. It should match the last ghetto build for GP32 in terms of functionalities. The only thing not present is the joystick repeat, I'll get down to that soon. If you guys feel like trying that...
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    I'm Losin' It :(

    Ok.. I'm having a hell of a trouble trying to make the sound driver of LGPT working for LGPT. I'm currently using /dev/dsp to feed audio buffers but the output is chopped. After watching the sound wave, I discovered that one block out of two is endian reversed ! Trying to dig what it was, I...
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    Compiler Issues

    Hi all ! I've been fiddling yesterday with my brand new 2x and porting some of the piggy code. Unfortunately, I seem to have run into an issue with the arm-linux-g++ compiler under windows. I've boiled down the problem to a minimal set of code available here: demo.rar It is basically the demo...
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    Littlegptracker Goes Public

    Today I've released V0.30a of LittleGPTracker, a sample/midi tracker based on LittleSoundDJ available both for GP32 & Windows. This version is the first to make it public/donationware. U can visit the home page & download it from there. There's a yahoo mailing list if u feel like sharing your...
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    Gp32 Does Midi !!!!

    This has been poo'sted already in a GP2x thread but I thought it was a huge news and deserved a topic on it"s own :) Starpause just successfully built the serial interface that allows LittleGPTracker to output MIDI !!! Yeah boys, this is the best news I've heard in a long time :) more here I...
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    GP32 Devkitpro Misery

    Hi guys, I'm in trouble and I don't understand what happens. I use to work with a packaged version of the arm-stuff & MrMirko's sdk.. everything was fine and I was pretty happy. Now, I thought I would be a good boy and upgrade to the latest version of devkitpro and I can't get it to work...
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    GP32 Debug & Filesystem

    Hi there !!! I would like to know if there's anybody that has found a way to do some kind of debugging in the GP32... my guess is no but I thought I asked. Even some kind of a tracedump when some wrong mem access would be cool; Then I am wanting to know if anybody has a fileselector library...
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    GP32 Xml Parsers ?

    I'm looking for a tiny XML parser that can easily be ported to the GP, i.e. that does not rely on stdio.h. Any hints ? Thanks !