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    Mp3 Encoder

    Greetings, I've recently purchased a new PC which came with Windows XP Home Addition pre-installed. I downloaded Windows Media Player version 10 which I thought allowed you to rip to MP3 (that's all I needed to do on my previous PC). When I try to rip to MP3 I get told I need a compatible MP3...
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    Playstation 2 Online

    With the PS 2 price drop in the UK recently I've been considering getting a nice spangly silver PS 2. I understand online play on the PS2 is free (unlike my Xbox), and I'm curious how it compares to Xbox Live. Are there many online enabled games that are any good? I like stealthy FPS so SOCOM...
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    Video Game Responsible For Murder

    So are video games evil? An age old discussion brought up again. What do you all think?
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    Euro 2004 Sweepstake

    I'm in two and I’ve drawn Portugal and Denmark. I thought Portugal might stand a chance but a shaky start against Greece hasn't inspired my confidence. Anyone else in a sweepstake and supporting teams they wouldn't normally? I've never had much luck with sweepstakes - during the 1998 World...
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    Nostalgic Video Game

    I was pondering how much money I've spent over the years on video games and all the highs and lows they brought me and I thought this might make an intersting topic. Anyway if anyone feels like humoring me post your answers to these questions (or add your own). I've listed my answers below...
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    Xbox Live Users

    Has anyone got stuck into Splinter Cell 2 Pandora Tomorrow on Xbox Live yet? I've read it only supports up to four players at a time which has put me off a little. If anyone can be bothered to let me know what they think of it I'd be eternally grateful.
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    Tv Themes

    I'm currently trying to remember TV themes to programmes that I enjoyed as a kid so that I can hunt them down in mp3 format and use them as ring tones (I admit I'm sad). I though it might make a vaguely interesting off topic discussion (probably wrong on that count as well). Themes I have so...
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    Looking For A Decent Gba Forum

    I got a GBA SP for my birthday yesterday and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent forum for it? I googled searching for one but could find nothing that compairs to the high standard of this forum.
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    Cheap Pc 3d Card Advice

    This is in the off topic section so please don't flame me for not being relevant to GP32. :( I need to update my creaky old GeForce 2 32Mb so I can play Star Wars Galaxies. I'm on a budget of about £50 - £60. The three types of card that keep cropping up in that price range are the GeForce...
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    No posts in here for a while

    No posts in here for a while now. Has everyone lost interest in CaSTaway? It's probably my most used emulator at the moment. Currently playing Super Cars 2, Space Crusade, IK+ and the occasional bout of Turrican and Another World (when I can be bothered to sit through the huuuuuuuge intro)...
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    Humble apologies If this question has been asked a thousand times before. I didn't have time to do a proper search as I'm at work and my boss will beat me with a big stick if he catches me on the net! I'm using SMS32 V0.5 and i'm impressed by the emulation speed. The only thing is my speakers...
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    Hi crew

    Finally got myself a GP32 FLU and first impressions are ace. Just thought I'd say hello all! :) I'm reading through your words of wisdom in the forums and I'm sure I'll have some newbie questions soon enough!