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    Pandora acting extremely slow

    How do I do that?
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    Pandora acting extremely slow

    So I ordered my classic unit ages ago and it was mostly a solid piece of tech; though I never had much luck running anything non emulator related as it would all eventually crash. I simply shrugged them off as my CC not being fast enough and I should just be happy with running emulators...
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    Do you all think this is dead? I want Dreamcast :(
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    Beta Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella Beta!

    Ok I have 2 discs for the gold edition I installed disc one on my computer but it did not ask for disc 2, the game is running on my Pandora but does disc 2 matter is it an expansion that does not work yet or something lol?
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    Beta Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella Beta!

    Shakon I noticed you have a temperature rating on you're desktop and a CPU icon how do Iget those?
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    Beta Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella Beta!

    Ok so what about game patches do those need to be installed? mods?
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    Beta Game Editor

    Ok I have my Pandora how much cash will it take to get this working 100% correctly ;)
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    Beta Flare

    How far along is this game when compared to some full commercial type game?
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    Is there anything non programmers can do to help and speed up the process? Like Donate money to those users to persuade them?
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    So how difficult would it be to take the source code of current Dreamcast PC emulators and get it running on the Pandora?
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    Message To Evildragon

    Helllo? Do you have my Pandora? :blink: I feel empty inside without a PANDORA.
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    Beta Game Editor

    I would LOVE to get excited about this but without a Pandora it's like cheering for a launch title on a console thats not out yet.
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    Does Size Matter

    I took my PSP with me everywhere, why? Because I'm an adult lol and it fit perfectly in my hands, in fact my PSP slim is too small and it hurts and cramps me after a while. Cmon you guys cant seriously think the PSP is too big to be portable? As for the NGP it is fine with me maybe my hands...
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    Mmorpg Maker?

    I just found out about this and it seems like a bit of a stretch but it claims it runs in all browsers and no programming: MMORPG Maker I really really wish I'm onto something lol.
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    Wine On Arm?

    I was wondering if simple programs like this could work on the Pandora or how does Wine work exactly? Mana Link it is a very basic Magic the Gathering game with basic graphics.
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    T Shirt Idea

    I was wondering would anybody here buy a shirt that read: "My other CONSOLE (Any name Genesis etc.) is a Pandora.
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    Razer Switchblade

    I belive we have heard far too many posts that the Pandora is outdated. First off using an external controller on any device completly defeats the purpose and novelty of the Pandora or any gaming device, but if it does not bother you than why are you on these forums? Get a netbook and move on...
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    Is This Bad?

    After I made this thread as I left my house I knew it needed all of those I was just too tired to realize at the time :P
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    Is This Bad?

    I can't tell if this would be comfortable in you're hand or not. Pandora Copy?
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    Doom (Dos) Via Qemu

    If this barely works than Fallout 1 + 2 has no chance <_<