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    With the PSP supporting AVC now how big is the change that the GP2x will support it? Perhaps it wont be included out of the box but I assume it will be possible hardware wise. XBMC has some problems with AVC but thats in a lot higher resolution. The PSP supports this : AVC Decoder AVC(H.264)...
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    Dreamcast Emu For The Gp32?

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    Backups aviable

    anyone got backups of these emulators? NES32 by yenaphe (Sebastien) ! SNES32 by Pure Evil (Justin) GPVGB by Zardoz Jones / Je Yong Oh GPGB by tylor (Je Yong Oh) ! GPAdvance by Zardozj (Zardoz Jones) (??? - NeoPop by Zardozj (Zardoz Jones) ! NGPC32 by yenaphe (Sebastien) ! WSC32 by yenaphe...
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    FaMe Soft Gp32 info

    Soft: MoviePark DivX 4.12 (even supports subtitles!) Ported Games: Elite, Doom 1-2, Heretic, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of the Desteny, ScummVM (Quest games by LucasArts: DOTT, Monkey Island 2, Sam & Max etc.), Old Sierra's games: Larry, Police Quest, King's Quest, etc Games: MeGaGP On-Line Shop...
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    This is c00l

    MESS is a free emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems. As of the latest CVS version, it supports the following: Adventurevision Amstrad 464plus Amstrad 6128plus Amstrad PC1512 (version 1) Amstrad PC1512 (version 2) Amstrad PC1640 / PC6400 (US) Amstrad PC20...
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    Anyone intrested?

    I was thinking about making something like a for the gp32. All software (emulators, homebrew's, ports, sources) will be aviable for download with a short description (and a link to the author and homepage) and a feature list (and a upcoming feature list if aviable). It's a lot of...
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    Amiga emulation?

    Would it be possible or not? there's a source aviable here i *might* become my first project (but i gues it is to hard for a n00b like me)
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    Just some n00bs questions

    I'm just a n00b wo would like to play some music watch a movie once in a time play some retro games maybe a GBA game once in a time but i have i few questions? 1. Does the snes emulator works oke? I heard things about a maximum rom size of 4 mb and problemns with the frame rate? 2. Does the...