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  1. jakshep2

    Any Sites On The ''net That Can Make Custom Tees With A Print

    Okay, I had an idea for designing a T-Shirt, but I realised that on Zazzle and some other sites that it only let you design on a baxed in area on the front on the tee, but I want to be able to design over the WHOLE shirt, and I can't find anywhere that can. any suggestions? :)
  2. jakshep2

    Any Shops In Stockport That Sell The R4?

    As the title says. I don't have the time to get an R4 over the net with shipping and all, so does anyone know of any physical shops in stockport or that area that sell them? Thanks. :)
  3. jakshep2

    So How Did You Guys Learn To Dev & Where?

    well, I was strolling through the forums before and I realised that nobody has discussed how they learned to dev. I learned basic stuff through books and guides on the web, which really are just shit on a stick, tbh <_< . Isn't there some sort of course I could go on to learn programming or...
  4. jakshep2

    Can someone do this for me please :) someone needs to put pandora in that table, I tried to do it myself, but I got baffled when I hit the 'edit' button, and some of you will see why when you do. <_< thanks.
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    What's The Highest Capacity External Hdd?

    all I can find is 1TB, and if I try and search for higher capacities nothing shows up. Is there anything higher than this in capacity, as far as external HDDs go? I'd like to back up all of my shit that I have on my computers and my discs lying around, so it's all in one place. I don't think...
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    Can Teachers Swear At Students?

    I got told today, that collectively as a group, that a lesson I had was a "shit shambles" and "it was shit". Also, he told my mate to "fuck off" because he was "taking the piss" when he did a little guitar solo behind him with a badminton racket behind him, when he, the teacher, was trying to...
  7. jakshep2

    was anyone at the Stockport Vs Oldham Game?

    it'll be interesting if there was, even though I highly doubt it. there was a fight on the stand I was in and a guy had his ear bitten off. :twisted: Did anyone else see it?
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    *sniff* ah, new forum smell!

    I hope it's temporary, this forum is wierd. it smells like new cars.
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    lolololololololol ROFLMAONAISE. :huh:
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    Anyone Else Planning On Making A Nintendo 64 Emulator?

    I didn't think that much of it initially, but now I think about it Pandora would have been so much better with a descent N64 emulator :( . That's why I'm asking if anybody else is planning on an N64 emu? I really would like one, much like everyone else I suppose...
  11. jakshep2

    A Couple Of Questions About Gba Emu

    1. Will it have support for zipped roms? it'll save huge space on my memory card(s). 2. Will it have a marquee option like the GBC emulator for the 2X? 3. Will it have TV-Out support? (yes, I know I ask this about every emulator) 4. Will it have configurable controls? 5. Can this go full...
  12. jakshep2

    Some Questions About Preordering

    1. How much is postage? is it included in the price or is it added on at the end? 2. can you pay in any currency reguardless of where you live? (e.g if I wanted to pay in € instead of £'s) Thanks. :D :pandora1:
  13. jakshep2

    What Is 'sz~'?

    please tell me what this is, 'cause DCGM won't. is it some sort of organisation to take over the world? it doesn't concern me, apparently. give me answers please ! :)
  14. jakshep2

    So What Are These "level" Thingies All About?

    I've been wondering about this, so what are they for? and what do they do exactly?
  15. jakshep2

    The Wiz Is Spelt With One Z.

    look at the directory thingy - the "> - GP32 GP2X Pandora The Wizz" they spelt wiz wrong.
  16. jakshep2

    Favourite Console?

    I'm choosing DC, because it's my favourite. well duh. wtf, there is meant to be a poll here. awwwwww.
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    Psx4pandora Eboots

    apparently, PSX4Pandora is meant to be supporting eboots, and I have a couple of questions: 1. Will you be able tomake customisable backgrounds and background music like the ones for PSP? 2. or will it only be selectable in the file menu on the emu? thanks.
  18. jakshep2

    I Apologize :(

    I'm sorry for the crude behaviour I demonstated yesterday in that thread. I don't know what came over me. that's all I have to say. P.S: OMG Exophase told me that I suck :(
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    Which One Is Better?

    Choose one of each, I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks :D