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    Bubble Train

    Bubble Train is running on the Wiz. You can download it here. The Neo Geo Pocket emulator called RACE should also be available soon. Bug TJ Hooka about that one.
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    Race! (as In Koyote-land) For Gp32 Updated!

    Thor has just released a new binary of RACE! for the GP32. It has the following features included. 1) File Selector 2) CPU Speed Setting 3) Turbo Mode on/off (This should speed up emulation, but it may introduce problems) 4) Sound on/off
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    Break Out Box Available For Pre-order

    Hey guys. I just thought that this could be interesting "news" that you guys might care about. I noticed that has the new official Break Out Box available for pre-order. BOB at Play-Asia I really don't know much about it, but if you look around the GP2X section of their site it...
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    Race! Released

    Binaries are available at the RACE! SourceForge Page. The source code will be uploaded soon.
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    New Net-bubble Release

    Net-Bubble GP2X I made an update with some bug fixes. Honestly, I don't really feel like putting any more work into it. I've moved on to a new project, already. Have fun with it, though! :D
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    A Little Guide For Prospective Buyers

    I decided to write a little web page to help some of the new guys out a bit. My little guide. Anyway, I was hoping to keep it rather simple, but yet point out the major things that people should know about the GP2X (from a prospective buyer's perspective). Can you guys help me think of...
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    Net-bubble For The Gp2x

    Here's a build of Net-Bubble for the GP2X
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    Gp2x Arrived + Cool Book Etc.

    Hey guys. I finally got a GP2X. It just arrived today. The only problem is that I don't have my SD card, yet. I ordered it from a different site, and my GP2X arrived much faster from than I expected. I think it was sent on Friday, and I received it this morning (Monday). Is...
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    JPEG View v1.10 Released

    That's about it for the news. Hit SELECT when viewing a picture for the viewer configuration options. JPEG View v1.10 Oh, and if you want to comment on this version, do it in this thread. I'll ignore the previous (v1.00) thread from now on.
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    JPEG View v1.00 (and FileSel.c) Released

    The JPEG View WWW page JPEG View is a program for viewing JPEG graphics. I wanted a program that would view the JPGs that my Olympus camera stores on its SmartMedia card. The idea is that I could take pictures on my camera and then view them (or show them to other people) on my GP32. I...
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    Help With Chatboard Modifying

    Hey guys. Can you help me out a bit. I have searched the net for info about modifying the chatboards, but most of the info just says "chatboard" and not the model number. I know that most people have used the CHA-01 for their GP32s, but I was wondering if a CHA-07 or CHA-10 would work. I...
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    GP RF Link Modules Worth Having?

    I posted this in another thread, but I think that I should have started a new topic. So here it is. Hey guys! I have been considering getting a couple of the GP RF modules. Do you think they're worth having? I have 2 GP32's. Really, I don't play much for games, but I do like messing around...
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    Anyone Creating DynaMate Levels?

    Well, I was just curious if there are people creating new levels for DynaMate. I had originally considered making a spot on my DynaMate page where I'd showcase user-made levels. I haven't really heard any interest in such a thing, so I figured I'd ask around. Maybe people are creating levels...