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  1. the_darkside_986

    Need Some Advice About Lua/luabind Versions

    Meh, I've never used automated binding tools. I just write all of my bindings to SDL manually so that I have full control over everything and make sure it works with the latest Lua, of which I use my own downloaded copy because the Debian package is STILL outdated by a few versions even in Ibex...
  2. the_darkside_986

    A screen management protocol

    You can get a list of X windows open even from SDL via Xlib. But I don't think SDL itself can grab input from the root window and become thus a proper window manager. I think the new X protocol library is libxcb, and it is supposed to be better than Xlib but I haven't tried it much yet. It...
  3. the_darkside_986

    Flash 10 across ALL OSs!

    I don't think Ubuntu MID is for ARM. Couldn't we take the Tamarin source code and implement our own free flash player on top of it? I don't know if it builds on ARM yet but multiple target CPU support is in the works still.
  4. the_darkside_986

    Is Pandora stronger than a OQO?

    Wait... a VIA cpu and graphics (trying to) run Vista? ha. CPU cycle spec becomes less important when the CPU is a crap architecture from a crap brand running a bloated OS. Some benchmarking tests comparing that OQO thing with Pandora running Angstrom would be interesting to see. But the OQO's...
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    How are you going to use your Pandora?

    To reply to an earlier question, Google's Chrome is open source but it is intentionally bloatware for Web 2.0 and lacks extensions, and is locked to the Windows platform so it is mostly useless. But a free software WebKit browser for small devices would be greatly appreciated. On topic: 1)...
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    Release psp emulator

    I think the only thing capable of being emulated here is a subset of LuaPlayer apps (which are mostly demos and rubbish anyway). The PC emulator can't even play most C/C++ homebrew anyway so this sounds hopeless. What I considered doing is eventually adding a LuaPlayer API compatibility wrapper...
  7. the_darkside_986

    new firefox for mobile devices, looks awesome

    I know the Pandora is powerful but I want to save that power for important tasks, which does not include running a excessive bloated browser. Is there an open source WebKit based browser for small screen devices? That would be ideal.
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    Release The pandor interface (gmenu2x)

    Their screenshots are not showing and giving a PHP error instead.
  9. the_darkside_986

    Release PSX files

    What extension are the pieces of the file? If it were rar you would just extract the first one and the rest would automatically be extracted (with the correct software, of course). If you own the original games you should just use free software to re-rip them into sane formats such as iso. I...
  10. the_darkside_986

    Release The pandor interface (gmenu2x)

    Does gmenu2x provide its own window manager or could we just use something like CTWM for having normal X11 apps (like xchat, pidgin, gedit, etc)? What library is gmenu written with anyway? I'm fairly sure that Xlib window manager code won't work with SDL (tried it once). But it is possible to...
  11. the_darkside_986

    Does the pandora completely open 360 degrees?

    I bet it would open all the way if one pushes hard enough (although it may or may not work after that). Such a broken patent system. Another reason why I will never pay for a "codec license" even if they are easy to obtain in any GNU/Linux distro. I do not see a reason to feed the trolls that...
  12. the_darkside_986

    Release PSX files

    I use nrg2iso on *nix to convert nrg files to the correct, iso format. I absolutely hate software that only writes its own proprietary format. (That means a very big f*ck you to the makers of Nero and MagicISO for all those times I've spent googling for a solution to avoid their worthless...
  13. the_darkside_986

    Release game maker? dont hurt me! ;)

    For scripting, Lua is a simple language and very fast despite being interpreted. One could write a nice Lua interpreter with multimedia capabilities, and then a GUI that would help users generate scripts to make a game. But this would be a RAD tool and the real final project would be written in...
  14. the_darkside_986

    Release gmenu lua scriptive

    I've never used XBMC so I don't understand what aspect of it is a script. But adding Lua scripting to something is easy. I know Lua libs fairly well even though I am rusty on it and I'm currently trying to review things.
  15. the_darkside_986

    Maximum size SDHC card that can be used?

    I just settled for the 16 GB card with my Pandora purchase because I don't even own enough PSX games to fill the card up :(
  16. the_darkside_986

    Iphone OS on Pandora

    Indeed. If I had to use iPhone OS for some awful reason I would jail break it immediately by any means necessary. I'm still irritated at Apple for marketing iPods, an annoying device that does not present itself as a storage device, intentionally breaks compatibility with free software iTunes...
  17. the_darkside_986

    Iphone OS on Pandora

    Even with iPhone's OS, it uses multi-touch features which are not supported by Pandora's touch screen. And it would be in violation of Apple's EULA of course. And same CPU architecture does not mean exact same hardware.
  18. the_darkside_986

    Iphone OS on Pandora

    The OS would need to be virtualized on the Pandora which is not feasible for something as heavy as OS X. And running OS X would be a violation of their EULA. Apple's APIs are proprietary and I don't know of a compatibility layer for them, especially for ARM.
  19. the_darkside_986

    Dual Boot

    You don't need dual-booting to have a different GUI. You would just need to change your configuration of X server so that instead of automatically starting, you could start it manually and pick a script that initializes the appropriate DE. It should be feasible to create launchers for "normal"...
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    But I'm still wondering of the final number of orders.