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    [Roadmap] Using the Cortex M4 CPUs

    This is a sumary of the research I've been doing on this subject. This reflects to my best will what I think can be done according to the documentation I've found. First at all, the Cortex M4 cores might be clocked around 167 MHz 200MHz Second, I found the OMAP543x Technical Reference Manual...
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    Pyra debian with systemd?

    I was wondering whether the official Debian distro will come with systemd or sysvinit as Pandora did? Quite a few of my Configuration files assume systemd, so It'll be a pain in the neck to find and rewrite such configs... Thanks!
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    Display Ribbon cable for rotational screen hinge

    Hello, I was wondering if it'd be possible to have a longer pcb ribbon or a cable instead for connecting the Motherboard with the pcb. What I'd like to achieve is eventually drilling a hole in the center of the hinge and put a rotating hinge so I can turn the screen 180° and close the screen...