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  1. Mofokubik

    Midi Devices On Pandora/angstrom

    I've had my first pandy for a little while, then I lost the DC adaptor and ended up killing the battery by charging it via usb.. I then found my dc adaptor and the pandora still works without the battery. Well I have a 2nd pandora still on the way (ordered from batch 2) and I never could figure...
  2. Mofokubik

    Special Edition Painted Pandora

    I'm just curious whatever happened to the idea of getting a few pandoras specially painted by artists then sold as special editions. I know there was alot of uproar over this discussion by people who are waiting for their pandora. Is this an idea that's still on the table? a red baron version...
  3. Mofokubik

    Need Your Computer Help!

    So here's the story. Last night I spilled water on my laptop (and pandora GASP! but the 'dora is fine). The laptop is still working, but several buttons on the keyboard are ruined. They don't stick, they're either completely unresponsive or it's like i'm holding them down. So if I push "R" I get...
  4. Mofokubik

    Skulltag Port Request

    Skulltag Source: Very recently, a mod for skulltag has become popular and really caught my attention. It would be too awesome to have this working on our 'doras. If nobody is up for checking out the source code, i'll volunteer...
  5. Mofokubik

    Returning Member Is Confused About New Handhelds

    I used to own a gp32 and was a regular user here, until I let a "friend" borrow it and it was "stolen" apparently, so I stopped posting because of an obvious loss in interest. Well here I am looking at getting another handheld, but now there are so many to choose from. Can any experienced users...
  6. Mofokubik

    Gp2x Firmwares

    My friend recently got a GP2x, and he asked me for his help. First he messed up the skin on his main screen, so I reflashed the firmware to the one he already had version 3.0 and I see alot of support for older versions of firmware on here. Is there any special thing I need to do to downgrade...
  7. Mofokubik

    You've Won A Free Ipod!

    I've been seeing these links all over the place, and was always tempted to click one. Seeing has how I have no money, and there's no place to get an ipod around here, or an mp3 player for that matter, I figure it would be a really cool thing for me. I threw my broken mp3 discman out the window...
  8. Mofokubik

    Half-life 2 Is Finally Released

    After years of development, Half-life2 is finally out. I doubt i'll see it in any stores (small crappy town) but I could get it off of steam right now if I wanted. Unfortunate for me, I have no cash... <_< *sits and waits for a crack to be released* :blink:
  9. Mofokubik

    GP32 Gp32 Lightgun

    Yeah I know it's a stupid idea as the screen is so small, but i'm wondering if it would be possible on an lcd screen like that to have a lightgun, or if would even work through the ext port for that matter. It certainly would be interesting...
  10. Mofokubik

    Gp32 Deluxe

    I got some info about Gamepark releasing a new portable. I don't know much about this, and completely considering it as a rumor. But here's what i've heard for various sources... I can only assume it's bullshit cause when I asked this one person where he got the information, he responded...
  11. Mofokubik


    How about another section in gp32x, for other handhelds such as GBA NDS PSP etc, just so there's a place for those topics to go. Just an idea.
  12. Mofokubik

    Help, I'm Looking For...

    I'm looking for episodes of the show Doug. It was on Nick awhile ago, an awesome show that i've been wanting to see for a long time. I don't know how many of you seen it since alot of you are in diff countries, but anyway i'm looking for tapes or dvds or downloads or anything of the show Doug. I...
  13. Mofokubik

    Fgen32 Beta Video

    This is a video of the newest Fgen32 beta in action. It's a little bad quality since it was hard to hold the light and the gp32 at once <_< but it shows a few games running full speed at 133mhz with frameskip on 1. Very very playable, near perfect for me. :) Anyway, check it out here.
  14. Mofokubik

    People lost and confused

    There has been an alarmingly increase of what seems to be off-topic posts. I didn't post here to bitch, I just want to know why people don't stop and read the title of the forum they're about to post in before going crazy with posts. Here are some examples... 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th etc... I just...
  15. Mofokubik


    I know that gp32 can only safely overclock to 133mhz, and going above that speed could cause damage (no probs yet, knock on wood) but is 166mhz really the limit? According to this page, gamepark32's cpu can overclock to 186mhz. Im not saying its a good idea, just wondering if its really possible...
  16. Mofokubik

    Virtual Memory Unit

    It think it would be cool if someone ported a Dreamcast VMU emulator. Not only does vmu have games, also animations that you could easily make on your computer. A function to make animations with your gp32 would also be nice. Sources are released and it wont me much of a strain on cpu power or...
  17. Mofokubik

    Snesemu running at 156mhz

    Snes9x wasnt fast enough for me, so I dusted off the old hex editor and edited snesemu and Im very pleased with the results. I also did a 166mhz one for people who want to risk it. Download the 156mhz version here. Download the 166mhz version here.
  18. Mofokubik

    GTA: Vice City

    I dont like gta vice city, therefore your emulator is useless to me. And that makes it STUPID.
  19. Mofokubik

    GP32's Popularity

    I have been showing people my gp32 at work lately, and every single person I showed it to is serious about getting one. 1 person ordered it off of ebay already, 2 other people want one new so I pointed them to A few other people want me to order it for them, but that isnt going to...
  20. Mofokubik

    Gp32 damage infliction

    I just got back from a trip and dropped my gp32 after getting out of the car, it fell 3 feet and landed on cement. It didnt break but the battery cover isnt the same, it kinda shakes. Anyone else drop their gp32?