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    If Gizmondo Had.....

    PSP????? Since we know very little about this handheld it seems to be getting the ps2 treatment (lots of hype that falls through when it's released-remember the 'emotion engine') But as far as I know the PSP will be disk based with cd's the size of the gamecube so doing anysort of homebrew on...
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    Viewing Jpg's

    Yup-gpfm was the one i was thinking of but still can't view my photo's.they are 1280X1024.Methinks they are too big.Gonna convert em and see if they work then.Thanx for the help dudes. UPDATE:anyone know a good util for changing the resolution for a batch of jpg's??? don't wanna change 200...
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    Viewing Jpg's

    I've tried gpview and universal gp viewer and still can't view jpg's on me gp32. I've been using mine for a year and a half and can remember some util that let me do it before but can't seem to remember it or find it.Anyone remember what it was?All I can remember was that it was some sort of...
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    Where Do You Live?

    Of course if everyone gave a location in their profile we would all know where everyone came from.... I come from the darkest place on this damn planet,lit only by the brightness of VIDEO GAMES
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    Halo 2....august Release?

    WTF is that all about??? am I being dumb or is there no point to this. And I didn't see ANYTHING to do with halo 2 *SOB*
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    The Real Survey!

    38 14 XBOX FPS SNES 80's ARCADE 40 1-2 10+ 1-3 Surfing the web there u go dude!!!
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    "old Fart" Gp32 Owner & Newbie...davey Fontan

    *PHEW* Thought I was one of the oldest (38). Nice to see some dudes more my age who grew up with the classic computers and systems.I for one am glad I was born when I was cause I got to see computers evolve from 8 bit calculators (mk14 anyone?) to the cool systems we got today than can emulate...
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    Plastic Thingy On The Gp32 Usb Cable

    That's something that has always puzzled me.If the plastic bit is to supress interferance how come it only covers a small part of the cable? Would't it need to cover the WHOLE cable to be effective?Maybe It's there because of some countrys laws covering electrical interference.I remember my...
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    The British Meet Up, And My Problems

    O.K. I simply thought that having a few adults around might calm your folk's fears about this meeting being just a bunch of rowdy kids in a pub.(it's a bunch of rowdy kids AND Adults in a pub :D )
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    The British Meet Up, And My Problems screen name is my nickname anyway.At the last meet we got on fine just calling each other by our by our forum names.
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    The British Meet Up, And My Problems

    get your folks to drop you off,tell them to come and have a look at the dudes that are at the meet and you should be fine.I will be there and I'm nearly 40 with 2 kids of my own(they ain't coming though)-they should be fine by then. (unless they are bothered about 6 foot 5 hairy dudes who...
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    Gp32 British Meet Up

    It's just an old lemmings t-shirt thats survived for years.Ripped the sleeves off ages ago-never did like them on t-shirts.Anyone in the birmingham area got any idea's where we can actually meet?
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    Gp32 British Meet Up

    you seen the pictures at ? I'm the big dude with lots of hair. Since I kept getting called hippy I figured I must be one :P (20,000 schoolkids can't be wrong)
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    Gp32 British Meet Up

    This hippy will be there :D :D :D
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    are you havin probs encoding one particular movie-i found some films just would't encode with vdub.I have converted loads of films to work on me gp32 no prob then there was this one film that just wouldn't work no matter what i did.I ended up converting the film to vcd then to divx4 to make it...
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    Pics From The 2003 Gp32x Meetup

    well I'm nearly 40 now so the playgroup idea is out ;) Don't worry pinkspider-you'll have a great time with or without your gp32-Liz (my girlfriend (pink hair)) tagged along with me and ended up enjoying herself even though at the time she didn't own a gp32 (she does now) Great piccys...
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    POLL!!! British Meetup Location

    Birmingham sounds good.We never gonna find anywhere that everyone is going to be happy with so like axeman sez let's keep it central.
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    Pc-link Error: Process Error

    OK-lots of people have probs at first with their gp32's. do you have an smc card in the gp32-i spent ages trying to do stuff with the internal 8mb only to be told its scratch ram and not backup ram. did you use the xp usb drivers? have you read the faq on this site for new users? hope you sort...
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    POLL!!! British Meetup Location

    I will be able to put up 5 or 6 people if you wanna hold it in stoke on trent.
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    POLL!!! British Meetup Location

    BTW.If we make it stoke i could put a tent in me back yard and put a few of u dudes up if u want