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  1. SageX

    Finalizing everything!

    4GB of memory would give the pyra the ability to expand, as far as the utilization of this memory it depends on the page file and the size of the contiguous pages stored in the page file. as far as ram is concerned the more the better. your page file can always swap out to the disk but, this...
  2. SageX

    Prototype Production Run

    G4eat job, I love the changes to the site as well. Keep it up!
  3. SageX

    My Fellow Pyrians, and Developers. (cell phone Poll)

    Uh wow yeah, "I don't know where my time went " checccck!!!! The documentation makes development a no brainer, its an automotive grade chip with all the hard work done ie plug and play in terms of coding a fragment I'm going to enjoy that. "I don't care I just play games" or why would you...
  4. SageX

    My Fellow Pyrians, and Developers. (cell phone Poll)

    Hello everyone I never expected so many comments in under 14 hours this is incredible, let me get some things before I write another article, preferably documentation on how the chip works I don't know if it is a plug and play chip or a chip that was added if the board to be implemented later...
  5. SageX

    My Fellow Pyrians, and Developers. (cell phone Poll)

    Yeah I know I had to do that to ad a 3rd option. Communications software is tricky buisness, its very hard to look at your phone the same way once you know what is involved, I really hope that we have an open source cellular phone fragment capable of standard 4g technology when the pyra is...
  6. SageX

    My Fellow Pyrians, and Developers. (cell phone Poll)

    Here are a series of ideas and occurances of my experiences with embedded laptops the real segment of writing that is highlighted by brackets are, in my opinion is most important content of this post. I'm thinking about writing some code as an interface for telecommunications applications of...
  7. SageX

    Moving from Pandora to the Pyra....

    those will be buffed out in the final product (I'm thinking late june )
  8. SageX

    Any Idea on Final Price?

    850 USD is a good ball park figure for the device and accs.
  9. SageX

    Welcome to the decisive year

    I litterally just use my phone for everything now days my favorite computer was one of the sony vaio series p with hsdpa never used it but the computer was exactly the right size for my needs in 2008-2011 then one day the screen cracked and i had to get another laptop since then its been a...
  10. SageX

    Welcome to the decisive year

    2015 is the year that the Pyra happens count me in on a unit!
  11. SageX

    Pyra dock connections.

    Its got to be rugged period because the device has to outlive the battery
  12. SageX

    Pyra dock connections.

    I'm going to go off on a limb here and state why this needs to be said in this thread, the primary reasons a dock is needed is to make the device easier to use for advanced users, the purpose of the dock, in my opinion is to allow users to plug the device into a central hub that will be used to...
  13. SageX

    What would you like to see?

    Film it and they will come 
  14. SageX

    Release Chex Quest 3

    I remember this game very well it has a cult following I miss it dearly thanks for bringing it back
  15. SageX

    What would you like to see?

    compile eclipse (or any ide for that matter).
  16. SageX

    Looking for an Android developer...

    I'm currently learning to write android code I have 3+ years of java experience
  17. SageX

    Pyra dock connections.

    I approve this thread, I was expecting to read that rs232 connectors were going to be on the dock. an Ethernet connection is going to be nice. real serial is all I want. if you wanted an expensive pyra just put parallel ports on the dock (LULZ). thanks for the clarification :D
  18. SageX

    Schematics and packages

    public void pyraReleaseDate implements pandoraReleaseDate {   if (peopleAsk == true)       twoMoreMonths++;   else        twoMoreMonths++; }
  19. SageX

    Pyra dock connections.

    Hello family, there has been talk about a docking bay for the Pyra but, I have not seen the plans or connections so It's probably on the table for post production of the Pyra. first off the connections everyone wants: auxiliary USB, 3.5 stereo, power, HDMI*(pick a flavor), and (drumroll) a...