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    Uae4all Overclock Crash

    I can't seem to overclock my new MkII (got it a week ago) via uae4all's overclocker. I'm running the latest version that I downloaded from the site this morning. When I set any speed, the LCD wigs/fades to white and that's it. Can't seem to figure out what's up.
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    Which Games Actually Work?

    OK, so we're at the 4MB limit... But which games work? Strangely, I don't get any solid info on this from the 'games' sticky thread, so I'm asking it here.
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    Big Famicom Cart Assortment!

    Note that SOME of these are probably Chinese editions (not 'bootlegs'). Carts I suspect to be non-Japanese are marked with an '*'. LOOSE: Spelunker II* 1942 Bomber King* Elevator Action* Kunio Kun* Contra* TJC-N3 "Dodgeball" Soccer Kung Fu* Tower of Druaga* RC821 Salamander (Lifeforce) Moero...
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    Gp32 Arrives...

    Been playing with the GP32 for a little bit, now. Got the PCE and MD/Gen emus on there, got everything authorized/registered and such. Haven't flashed it - might now. It came with Korean firmware, so not sure on that (came from Spain). ANYWAY. I've got scads of handhelds - PC Engine GT/Turbo...
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    Fried Cpu With Emulator?!

    I ran the latest [emu name removed by pix since it wasn't the cause of my problems], trying the faster version -- the screen started getting jittery and had a kind of 'low refresh' static effect. Reset, tried the slower one. Same problem. NOW when I run the PCE emu (which worked fine before), I...
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    Pc-link And Setup Problems

    I installed 'GP32 MANAGER' from the CD and then installed the 'PC-LINK' (which seem like different revs of the same app) from the main GP website. I have authenticated/registered my unit, but I can't seem to install things or do basic file management or setup of the initial directories. I keep...
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    GP32 Art Ho Available Here

    I'm an artist. Did SNES, Genesis & GB games back in the day -- now doing portable games for phones and such. Been on some PC and PS1 and recently PS2 games, but lo-res is my life. Try me. I have samples - plus I did the 'skin' for the Lynx emu on PPC (now sort of orphaned, but you get the...
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    Official Gp32 Vs Other Handheld (zodiac, Etc.)

    [Mod - NO FLAMING ALLOWED, SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS ONLY.] This is how it breaks down for me, right now. Bear in mind, I'm usually pretty platform-agnostic although I do tend to find certain systems are definitely better at certain things, or better for some people. I'm trading for a Zodiac1 with...
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    Newbie Flood Continues - Blu On Its Way!

    We're charging the front lines! Actually, I'm not too 'newbish' as I've been into handhelds for a long time (I'm 35) and have been running emulators and following community development on Pocket PC and PalmOS devices for years. I'm also a 15 year veteran of the video game industry (I was...