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  1. SageX

    My Fellow Pyrians, and Developers. (cell phone Poll)

    Here are a series of ideas and occurances of my experiences with embedded laptops the real segment of writing that is highlighted by brackets are, in my opinion is most important content of this post. I'm thinking about writing some code as an interface for telecommunications applications of...
  2. SageX

    Pyra dock connections.

    Hello family, there has been talk about a docking bay for the Pyra but, I have not seen the plans or connections so It's probably on the table for post production of the Pyra. first off the connections everyone wants: auxiliary USB, 3.5 stereo, power, HDMI*(pick a flavor), and (drumroll) a...
  3. SageX

    [WTB] 1Ghz Open Pandora USED

    I am interested in buying a 1Ghz Pandora used I would prefer to buy from someone in the USA or Canada and I accept orders from the rest of the world. Thanks for your inquiry paypal only.