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  1. dapoangel

    Refund required - Can it be made into a paypal account

    tnx guys... but i think our phone cannot make overseas calls... hehehe. but tnx anyways... :) ps is there anyone who could make the call for me? someone in the local area of that number... i will PM my order number to the good person who could do that. i just really need money asap... thanks...
  2. dapoangel

    Refund required - Can it be made into a paypal account

    crap... i really need to get it asap... waaaaah! :(
  3. dapoangel

    Refund required - Can it be made into a paypal account

    i have also asked OPteam for a refund, not because i have grown tired of waiting or does not want a pandora anymore... i asked for a refund because i really need the money for something important (my studies)... I will buy the pandora again when i have the money next year, and maybe 2, which...
  4. dapoangel


    well, we could connect a mouse to the pandora, right? ;)
  5. dapoangel

    What app / game do you want to see? :)

    i wanna see the pandora running the game "flashback"! :D
  6. dapoangel

    facebook chat

    9 topics. :)
  7. dapoangel

    facebook chat

    guys, is facebook chat now possible in our little pandora? i know that back then that you need a plugin to have pidgin support facebook chat, which is not available to the pandora... but lately i have read that you can now set up facebook chat with xmpp/jabber (which pidgin natively...
  8. dapoangel


    hi guys, just wanna ask a question... is there a way to mount disk images (ISO, etc) on the pandora? are there programs like daemon tools that can be ported on a pandora? thanks in advance! >.<
  9. dapoangel

    Coming closer (2010-10-25)

    and batch 2 will probably start next year... waaah!
  10. dapoangel

    The nub song

    yeah. :)
  11. dapoangel

    Wired called Pandora Vaporware

    lets just prove to them that our little pandora isn't a vaporware and that it rocks! :D
  12. dapoangel

    Mass Production, second try (2010-10-18)

    i pm'd him long time ago... still no reply... T.T
  13. dapoangel

    netbooks are better than the pandora?!?

    well, i sure hope so it was just a joke! ^_^
  14. dapoangel

    netbooks are better than the pandora?!?

    okaaayyy, everytime i look at youtube for videos of the pandora all i hear are praises on how good the pandora is. however, i came across a video that "proves" that a netbook is way better than our little pandora... :blink: watch and see...
  15. dapoangel

    Mass Production, second try (2010-10-18)

    if everything goes smoothly now then there could be a chance that batch2-ers could get theirs before christmas. keep up the good work OPT! ^_^
  16. dapoangel

    Mass Production, second try (2010-10-18)

    yeah! this is really good news! >.<
  17. dapoangel

    Happy Birthday EvilDragon

    the hat cake from the other topic! ^_^
  18. dapoangel

    Happy Birthday EvilDragon

    happy birthday ED!!! the best of luck to you! god bless! :)
  19. dapoangel


    me, if I have the money, I would gladly invest here... sadly I dont have 1000 yet... :(