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    The Gigas Project Sign Ups

    I haven't been here for while I know but give me a couple of days I I will be back to start things up....sorry about this I have no excuse But I still want to go through with this....if bad comes to worse....could u nilsiboy take over? I will try to start things up and see how it goes from...
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    What Happened To Gp32x?

    :( :( :angry: :unsure: :o :blink: :rolleyes: :huh: ;) B) :) I missed All The Excitement. :( Ohwell glad its back up.
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    I Think I Found Something Out...

    ? sorry I don't know much about what the chips are. :( can u explain? Super joy 3 hmmm what is it?
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    I Hate Usps!!!!!!!!

    We'll probably hear news of a "Terrorist attack" on a post office soon. ;) :P :lol: . Yes I do Agree that they are all idiots. but atleast my mail carrier(SP?) usual come down our driveway and wails her horn like a F***ING MANIAC!!!!! ;)
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    I Think I Found Something Out...

    Oh, Wow I'm surprised... I never knew about that. Well that makes alot of sense... I guess. :blink: :P well if u think about it we would have never known about the psx right? BTW i'm tearing(SP?) apart my super nes so I can make a portable one. I'll probably post pics when i'm done. ;)...
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    The Gigas Project Sign Ups

    What ^^^ he said. We need everyone back... due to mechanoris absence it seems as though everyone has lost hope. :(
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    I Think I Found Something Out...

    yesterday when I tore apart my super nes I looked at the hardware... as i looked I noticed that some of the chips ha Nintendo AND sony written on them. these chips are dated 89 so they are a little old but :rolleyes: is it possible that nintendo and sony were one at one point in time? :huh:
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    Pizza Fund

    JK :P :P :P :P :P :P :P Cmon dude u can't be serious about something like this in the off topic forum. :P :rolleyes:
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    Pizza Fund

    I'll send u some... how about 16.50? Will that do. reply so I know u are still online. ;) EDIT: This is for Dookie4fun only.
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    The Gigas Project Sign Ups

    Hey guys. I NEED EVERYONE TO POST THEIR INFO OR PM IT TO MEsorry just trying to get everyone's attention. :P
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    New Name, New Life.

    Yes he is Sebastian end of story. :)
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    Almost Working!

    What fw did u flash it with? if u have pacrom on your gp32 uare able to flash it without the pc-link. ;)
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    C&c Red Alert

    That would probably be best but... he can't install it so it won't show on his computer :( . Now if he could install the damn thing then your suggestion would work but he says he can't install. :( :)
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    Wher's mine? :P :lol:
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    How To Tutorial

    You might want to try this one here It's much easier to unnderstand thenthat one and a little more up to par with VD. ;)
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    Rpg Recomendations

    ZELDA is *THE* best RPG in my oppinion. B)
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    Wanna Be Wizard Is Now Available

    THAT was the fastest update ever, especialy after it only being a little over a day. Keep it going Lethe. ^_^ ;) ^_^ " ^_^ "< This one reminds me of anime. Wonder why? :huh:
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    Pc To Gp32 Not Working After Sp2 Update...

    I'm wondering... if you buy a new smc you won't be able to format it at all without a pclink or gpmanager, Right? :( :huh: .that would suck. :(
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    Show Youre Ds!!

    AAAAAAAAAHH. I likey that picy *drooools* :D
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    New Game For Gp32!! Xenon Omega Blast

    having problems with unzipping the file I tried gp32x file archive also and that file is also "empty or corrupt" as my computer says