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    Gp32 Doom Pwad's

    Hi!   I hope someone can help, the PWAD's for GP32 Doom are missing from the download section, does anyone have a backup of these they can dropbox for me?   I used to have them saved but only just got my GP32 out after a long time and can't find them :(   A lot of Doom PWAD's I can find online...
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    Looking For A Gp32 Wav Player

    I'm trying to use the GP32 to load games on my real ZX Spectrum from WAV file (taken from the TAP file) I can convert to MP3 they are too quiet and the speccy does not pick them up. I've also tried OGG but the sound quality seems to be poor and I get loading errors. I thought I might get more...
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    Looking For A Gp32 Wav Player

    Thanks for that, i'll give those a try :)
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    Looking For A Gp32 Wav Player

    Hi there! Not been here in ages... Sorry about that... Anyway I've got my GP32 out and want to play some Wav files on it, but none of the players in the download section seem to support Wav. I know the original GP32 Player supported Wav but I've got a BLU and it didn't come with the player...
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    Whats The Deal With The New Handhelds?

    Thanks guys for all the information. Steve.
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    Whats The Deal With The New Handhelds?

    Thanks I will take a look at those links. Steve.
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    Who Still Uses Their Gp32?

    Greetings, as I have not been here in a while.... Still use mine from time to time for DRMD, Mame, SMS, NES, PC Engine, Doom+ Wads. Flawless for those Emu's, etc. Does anyone know if Duke Nukem 3D was ever updated with saves? Still runs flawlessly at 180mhz after the old pencil trick LOL...
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    Whats The Deal With The New Handhelds?

    Hi There, I've not posted here for the longest time, Hi to anyone that remembers me... Still have my old GP32 that I use occasionally, didn't bother with the GP2X because for me it didn’t offer much improvement as I all I played was mostly DRMD and at the 180mhz my GP32 is at it was ultra...
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    Psp Problems

    Thats what I was going to suggest, do you have a UMD with 2.0 update on it?
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    I Was Staring At My Psp This Morning...

    Its worth checking as they have all the latest news daily! Welcome to 1.5 world, its a fun place :)
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    Dead Dreamcast!!??

    Sounds like your PSU is dead if it wont switch on at all. I have a spare dreamcast I was going to throw out(faulty laser) if you pay postage you can have it for nothing for spares. I live in London but your in Leicester arn't you? Steve.
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    What's The Current Best Torrent Client?

    Im going to try this utorrent, i'll let you know how I get along...
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    What's The Current Best Torrent Client?

    I personally use Bitlord, I like the layout, you have all your torrents in one window. I use listen port 1720 that was recommended by a friend and I get speeds up to 450k a sec when there are lots of seeders. They usually stay around thye 200k mark for most downloads, I always pick a torrent...
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    Cps2 On Psp A Reality!

    Yeah the latest release (test version 5) runs quite well at frame Skip 2, almost full speed, a bit of slow down here and there but not bad. Street Fighter Alpha is full speed but Street Fighter alpha 3 has slowdown. The Shooters and Such are full speed. There is also a CPS1 emulator which is...
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    Worms Armageddon

    Never played worms Armegeddon on PS1 but the original worms was just like the PC version on PS1. I played worms fortress I think it was called, got fed up of the stOOpid camera angle after 5 mins and deleted it. Played the all the old ones (Worms, Worms 2, Armegedden, World Party) including...
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    New User, Problems With Smc

    I formatted an SMC in Win XP and amd GP32 would no longer read it. I then re-formatted in in Windows 98 and my GP32 was able to read it again. Good Luck.
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    Nintendo 64 Kid's Nintendo 64

    I bet the winner dont pay anyway!
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    In Gta San Andreas Pc

    You need to build your muscle up to mid/max before you can recruit ppl. I cant give you any tips on how its done since I havn't yet Good Luck! Stevo.
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    Psp-type Topic.

    A new PSP Megadrive emulator has just been relesed galled DGen, its supposed to pretty good. I havn't tryed it cos I still use my GP32 for DRMD lol. If the PSP is V2.0 then there is a Homebrew Tool that you can launch from an Exploit in the Photo Viewer, its called Eboot Loader by Fanjita...
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    Sega Saturn

    The original House of the Dead is a great game also Sega Ages Vol2, has outrun :) They are both part of my collection... Street Fighter alpha 2 is anouther good one. Steve.