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    Shipping Method To Australia

    Yes, go by regular airmail. My parents bought a $35 air purifier from a US company, and got charged $50 by UPS, on top of the shipping charges. (which are double-triple what USPS would charge) I recommend avoiding them. Their service is spotty at best in most parts of Canada. Also, often they...
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    Ordering A Pandora From The Us

    Oh hell, me too! I've got bills to pay off. :lol: But I probably won't get mine for 2 months. By then the price will likely have dropped.
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    Release Hotfix 2 For Zaxxon Released

    You may want to change the thread title to "Hotfix 2 For Pandora OS (Zaxxon) Released" I clicked into this thread by chance. I thought it was a game. ;)
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    Ok I Tried The Whole Separate Appdata Dir Thing

    Installshield is really bad, though... no installer at all is superior. Other way around. I've got perhaps... 300 games, and only one or two have ever done that. The vast majority leave the folder and saved games untouched. However, a large number of them that save to My Documents will...
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    Worlds First Pandora Artwork

    I found it buried really deep on page.... x... of some thread. :lol: Luckily I saved the link. ;) I didn't expect miracles, but it's good to hear it helps a bit!
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    Worlds First Pandora Artwork

    Might be the Wifi. Try running Notaz's background_killer. If GIMP doesn't require anything that it turns off... it might make it run better. Also - love the art! :D
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    Beta Psx4Pandora Beta

    Try the old PC trick. Hold down the power button (or Pandora button?) for 4+ seconds and see if it flips off.
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    Love The Pandora, But Mines On Ebay

    Haha!... congrats. :D I can't fault anyone with luck like that. Enjoy the new iPad!
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    Second Batch

    No... in other words... Craig had to pay for many of the parts for 4000 more units about 6 months back, because of the lead times. That's close to a half-million dollar hit. It'd be nice to get preorders started soon, so he can put down money on the third batch, and get the batches rolling off...
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    Get Your High Capacity Sdhc Now (Sorry, Us Only)

    For Canadians, this is still one of the best deals around: 16GB SDHC for $29.99 + Tax + Free Shipping ;)
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    Minimal Gaming Os Possible?

    Services (like WiFi) are automatically a lower priority on Windows. When in use, their priority may be raised - although I can't say for certain. Applications often raise their own priority during critical pieces of code. It's extremely common for games, media players, etc. to have a higher...
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    Minimal Gaming Os Possible?

    Do what most Windows media players do when they start playing video - raise their own priority. renice... someone with a Pandora use it, and see if the stutters go away!
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    A Question About Audio/video Encoding Programs

    Your soundcard is probably better now. I'm serious. Try playing them both on an old soundcard - it makes a world of difference. With any modern card, it won't. ;) Most people don't notice this, because they don't keep their old computers around, and use them regularly. That too. Hehe...
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    How Are All The Linux Newbies Coping?

    That's nonsense. I learned plenty when I had to fix stuff that kept breaking. Like when samba updated and didn't work anymore - I had to fix that. Or when installing VNC, and not wanting to be limited to 640x480 - I had to configure xorg.conf, to fix that. For the most part, it's one issue at a...
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    Sd Cards

    Patriot is good quality, but usually low speeds. It's a pretty safe bet than anything Patriot will be decent. Transcend is hit or miss. Their CF is very fast, very high quality. Their SDHC can either be fast or horrible. Check newegg - some of their cards have 90% 1-star reviews, while others...
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    How Are All The Linux Newbies Coping?

    This roughly mirrors my first experience with Linux. Except I went with Ubuntu, and it was that bad. :lol: nVidia RAID Array? wtf? Why does it think my second HDD is an nVidia RAID Array? Maybe a reboot will solve that... Oh crap!... it just fsck'd it, and now it's totally corrupt! BAD...
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    How Are All The Linux Newbies Coping?

    1) gconf-editor; Gnome's config thingy is equivalent to a registry. However, Gnome seems to utterly fail at migrating gconf between versions. I've heard lots of people have strange behaviour after Ubuntu upgrades, but deleting Gnome's config and reinstalling it solves that - or failing...
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    How Are All The Linux Newbies Coping?

    Warning: 3 posts follow. I hit the quote limit a couple times. :lol: Yeah, he's got that right. Power users are very productive, but don't want to blow time trying to fix things. Power users usually morph into experts if they have to waste enough time fixing stuff - but most don't want to...
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    Sd Cards

    Canada: http://accessories.u...279&lid=1344936 16GB for $30 Some models aren't bad. I've heard that you should avoid their 32GB and Class 10 models. The Class 6 16GB's are great.
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    If you have Windows you can use ImgBurn to make PND files. I have no idea what tools are available to do it properly in Linux.