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  1. dracmas

    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    From seeing the concerns with reviews I would also say to just paint the device. While I'd rather have the pyra faster, I also agree that any preorders have the potential to give bad reviews if they feel the quality of the case is cheap. I'll agree that Ed does have to think about how this...
  2. dracmas

    What have you bought recently?

    Wanted to update my laptop but I've gotten so used to apps on my phone that I got a samsung tab s4 256gb with a keyboard case. Keyboard works well for me since I don't type fast enough for the lag to hit. klwp for creating a live wallpaper for the home screen. I'm working on making it look...
  3. dracmas

    Do you smoke? <Revisited>

    I was in a bad place mentally when I was divorced. I had went cold turkey 4 years when my daughter was born but the depression and everything finally got to me. I honestly didn't want to live at that point. Smoking is nowhere near that level, but for sure if I end up quitting it'll have to be...
  4. dracmas

    Do you smoke? <Revisited>

    I don't "want" to smoke. The cravings are just terrible.
  5. dracmas

    Do you smoke? <Revisited>

    Bottom box that has the batteries.
  6. dracmas

    Do you smoke? <Revisited>

    Smoking for the moment. Usually vape but yesterday I dropped my mod and the connection between the tank got bent and broken. Then used my backup mod for about an hour before the fluid started leaking out of the bottom of the tank. Expensive mistake for dropping it once. Have to buy a replacement...
  7. dracmas

    The Final Revision

    I'm happy either way. If it can be charged with an older Samsung phone cable or the one I have for the note 8 I'd be set. I'm just hoping this will be done by the end of the year as the cracking on my screen is getting really bad on the curved note 8.
  8. dracmas

    Sailfish OS on Pyra?

    The software to run Android apps it's paid from sailfish to another company. Assuming you do get their os running on the pyra it won't automatically come with Android support for their apps. That feature is when you buy a device from sailfish.
  9. dracmas

    Back from Greece

    A bit off topic. How hard would it be to swap out the 4g cellular on these pyras? I've been thinking long term for this device since the specs are ok and it's going to have good Linux support. TMobile, phone company here in the US, will slowly start rolling out 5g internet by the end of the...
  10. dracmas

    What have you bought recently?

    Yep just a vcr. Didn't feel like paying for overpriced Disney movies and goodwill had a half of sale. So went to two different goodwill stores and now own most of the Disney classic movies that were on sale for 50 cents a movie.
  11. dracmas

    What have you bought recently?

    Ddr pads for the ps2, vcr player with many Disney movies cheap at Goodwill, and a pizza for dinner
  12. dracmas

    Help me pick a new device.

    I only mentioned it because some iPods are able to run the rockbox firmware which not only has a better music eq, supports more music file types, and has a better battery life when running.
  13. dracmas

    Help me pick a new device.

    Try replacing the battery in your iPod?
  14. dracmas


    kind of like the self driving cars learning from Gta5?
  15. dracmas

    What have you bought recently?

    Epic mickey 1 and 2 for the Wii. One of the older capture card devices used to save vcr videos to computer for $4.00 at goodwill. My mom passed away about a month ago and while cleaning her closet happened upon a box with over a thousand photos. Everyone wanted the photos and I refused to part...
  16. dracmas

    e-ink e-readers & other e-stuff. No i-stuff.

    Have had a Kobo aura h20 for about a year. Battery life is really great since I don't charge it that often at all. Keep a 256gig sd card in it so space is not An issue.
  17. dracmas

    GPD Pocket

    Have had linux and Windows laptops and listened to music with the lid closed. Change the power settings to only turn the screen off with the lid closed. Auto going to sleep is great for power conservation however, so you'd have to watch your battery life. Edit: assuming the speakers aren't tied...
  18. dracmas

    GPD WIN 2

    Ive seen user mods where people wanted their GPD Win1 devices to run cooler than the hot temperatures they end up running at. Also with the Battery swelling/failing issues I'd wonder about the quality of other parts. Anyone other than myself worried they wouldn't get long-term use out of this...
  19. dracmas

    Yeah, my Pyra will be my new phone due to privacy. . .

    Why not use a phone as a phone? I'd get a flip phone if I wanted that. At least from how I've thought about it, these touch screen devices are mobile computers that have the added feature of making calls. They just aren't in the same clamshell design as the pyra.
  20. dracmas

    Yeah, my Pyra will be my new phone due to privacy. . .

    I went back to the note 8 on android because I didn't know the iPhone was shop locked down. Now it feels like android is slowly headed the same way. It'll be nice using whatever software I like on the pyra, as well as customising the layout however I want. Just hoping someone gets texting and...