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  1. liveunderwater

    Things to do when traveling in Japan

    Thought I would start a conversation about fun things to do and see in Japan. I can start, I have traveled there previously, but I'm going again soon and would hope to see some suggestions from other forum members. Firstly, the obvious for this forum I think would be Akihabara in Tokyo. Great...
  2. liveunderwater

    Hardware Total manual overhaul of my Pandora

    Right now I have big issues with my Pandora. Issues that have existed for years. Issues that caused me to all but put my Pandora into storage. (I don't think I could ever sell one) I do have a persistent nub response issue. I have not opened the case myself so far to try anything drastic...
  3. liveunderwater

    1ghz unit with left nub issues

    I just upgraded my Rebirth to a 1ghz mainly because there were dead pixels and the right nub would stop sending data on one or more axis after about 20 seconds of use. On top of the upgrade price I also paid $140 in shipping from US to Germany and then got hit with an $80 customs fee on the way...
  4. liveunderwater

    XFCE Pandora logo

    Hey, is there a way to change the XFCE Pandora boot up logo?  Like, something that fills the whole screen?  
  5. liveunderwater

    How many is too much: Dead Pixels / Wonky Left Nub

    Finally just sent my first Pandora to Link for a broken right nub. Now it's time to tackle Pandora number two's issues. I received a unit with about 7 dead pixels all connected to one another, and a left nub that consistently falls out of calibration in less than a minutes time. Here is...
  6. liveunderwater

    I just ordered pizza from my Pandi

    Best part is. I´m sitting out in my backyard wifi tethered to my nexus s. Enjoying beautiful Chicago summer weather. I should be grilling but I´m short on gas and can´t put Pandi down to refuel.
  7. liveunderwater

    New owner, Newb Q's

    1. Is UAE4All coming back to the new kernel? 2. If I freeze and have to pull the battery, resulting in a false battery reading, how do I resync the battery? 3. When I change cpu clockspeed, should the clock speed be reflected on the desktop 4. Does the OP have key shorts to reboot from...
  8. liveunderwater

    OP Robotics?

    Anyone intend on, or already using the Pandora for robotics purposes? Being the brain of a remote controlled robot or even the controller of the robot for example? There used to exist some nifty kits for GBA and DS for gpio, pcm, and whatnot. Part of my interest in the Pandora is in doing this...
  9. liveunderwater

    Sd Filesystem Losing Files

    Hello, I could use some direction to information I have not been able to find in searching. I can not find details on formatting an SD card for use on the Wiz. The Wiz itself does not have any card preparation software that I have been able to find. Is it safe to format by PC over the USB...