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  1. jph_iterationGAMES

    Virtual Jaguar For Caanoo

    Cool that it works. Just wondering is it worth setting up yet? Does anything run at a playable speed??
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    Very cool,. I will have a look around and see if I can get a handle on this implementation,. should be interesting to build some noise makers using this. It would be great if we can develop a GUI to make patches on the caanoo,. I never got much into pd,. but I am finding I enjoy using the...
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    Milkytracker 0.90.85 For The Caanoo

    Nicely done! Great tracker, and fun on the caanoo,. Yeah,. I would fix the saving so we can just exit and save the configuration/settings too,. Then maybe add a keyboard overlay, (on one of the shoulder buttons perhaps). For when no usb keyboard is around. Still, very useful now,. with a...
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    Angry Birds

    does that work??
  5. jph_iterationGAMES

    A Homebrew Project Codenamed Aaaa

    Are you going to release the level editor for people to make new levels for this??
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    Caanoo / WIZ Is Anyone Using Penjin On The Caanoo?

    Just searching for a bit of a leg up engine wise for some simple C++ dev,. this looks interesting,. . Anyone get this working on the Caanoo?
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    A Homebrew Project Codenamed Aaaa

    What, why was Sergey banned?
  8. jph_iterationGAMES

    Menuisier Of The Dead

    You game looks cool,. keep at it. :) For the translation just do a robot translation [ ] post the results here,. we can clean it up to fix any problems the scripts generate.
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    A Homebrew Project Codenamed Aaaa

    looks interesting,. . playable please. :)
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    Grafx2 2.3

    This is working great for me now. Thanks for this. I can now use it to edit levels for my games,. just low res. images really, but it works great for this.
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    Worth It To Invest In A Caanoo?

    I am happy with my Caanoo,. Some stuff I have been playing on it; MAME runs well, I am mostly interested in the older classics and most play perfectly. Also, I have basicly ALL Genesis games, sweet. NeoGeo! PCengine is surprisingly good fun,. I never had that system, so playing through all...
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    Caanoo, Wiz, Info ? (Wiz Is $99 At Thinkgeek !)

    That is a great idea! The first MAME cab. I converted I used an old USB gamepad and wired to the actual contacts, and it is still working well. [ ] I have since been useing the these types of interfaced...
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    Thanks so much for this. Opens up a load of new software. Cave Story alone is worththe effort :) Has anyone had any luck geting Milkytracker working;,0,0,0,6,2711 Just would be quite nice to compose tunes on the train,. it does run and seems...
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    Super Pikix

    I was looking for info. on the EXT port pinouts and happend on this site; It looks like some interesting video performace software is comeing soon to the Caanoo! also a GBA version is availible now for emu (demo and a full ver for sale) PS2 version also,. . some...
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    Sdl & C++ Not Really Where's The Basic At?

    I tryed BennuGD and could not figure how to compile and get it to work on the cannoo,. then tried Love, and built a little game that works (CCZap). Lua is very nice, (very good dynamic arrays) and since the engine is pre-built and you just write scripts :. no compiling needed. Yeah, some less...
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    Cool, that looks like a great little tracker,. there is also a schematic for a midi out connection to a GP2X here; If anyone does an update for the CAANOO do please post it so i can try it too! (some friends just gave me an old ACCESS...
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    Jph's First Caanoo Game

    New update in first post now with a bit of sound effects and music added. Plus many other improvments.
  18. jph_iterationGAMES

    nlove (LÖVE) Game Engine Beta for Caanoo

    Is the update posted anywhere,. or still waiting on that last fix ? Kinda want to try some sounds in my little game. Also, I think you said somewhere you are NOT using openGL and 3d chip for this, is that right? I'm just wondering how much speed this will have in the end, with out hardware...
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    Jph's First Caanoo Game

    I actualy would generate my oun sounds,. seems to be some code for procedural sound around the love forum,. or just use a synth and make samples. sfxr is a nice little app for doing simple sounds for sure. However, I have some old analog sysnths kicking around and like to tweek physical...
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    Jph's First Caanoo Game

    Thanks guys,. I did the suggested changes, and many improvments! Updated in first post. It is now 'done' except for the sounds (when availible I will add some) and perhaps also add saving the high score to the SD card. It currently keeps your high for the session but does not save this data...