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    Playing Persona 3 (non demanding ps2 game) possible ?

    Obviously. Did you read the "About" page ? [QUOUTE="About"] The emulator can run a few games, but very awfully in most cases but I'm continuing my work to make it faster and more stable. I hope that in a few years, I'll be able to reach a quality level that will allow anyone to play their...
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    Removable battery - another reason why it's a good thing.

    Yes. No. Maybe. It depends how your phone's drivers are organized.
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    Oracle to open source Arm jdk 9

    Yes, but C++11 is already "a couple" years old. I never did a lot of Java, I had a language design course and Java was the example for Object-oriented languages. Personnally, I like the way how Rust handles generics, it's sad that they don't accept constants.
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    Oracle to open source Arm jdk 9

    From a language design point of view, there are nice things. For instance, generics are safer than, for example, in C++. But yeah, multithreading ...
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    Pyra as a Music Player

    What's the point of a music player, if it can't produce an F ;)
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    Sales Vouchers and preorders

    The easiest thing would be to buy enough vouchers via Paypal and then to spend those vouchers on the full amount of the Pyra price.
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    It's loud.

    Technically, the reflected wave is shifted by π/2 immediately, so no storing ;)
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    RISC OS?

    Where does this believe come from that OS = bloat ? OSs are great. They provide abstraction and exactly prevent you from having to deal with the hardware directly.
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    Able to upgrade not just the speed but manufacturer of CPU?

    Because we are talking about using a RISC-V core inside a GPU ? Moreover, Nvidia has spent a lot of money into producing ARM-compatible cores.
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    Parts, Boards and the Rotator

    @PowerPC-discussion : I actually thought that some of the old and popular Apple products used PowerPC CPUs ... Well, maybe not. Anyway, I just choose a random group of people spending way too much money on stuff that isn't worth it.
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    Parts, Boards and the Rotator

    Better : Kickstarter for a PowerPC module and the video should contain the sentence "Equipped with the same technology that powered the [insert popular apple product]."
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    The theoretical maximum storage on a Pyra just went up.

    @Magic Sam : Well, I have to admit that I am not specifically familiar with laws of a foreign country (read: the US), but as far as I understood, the problem is the software patent part. And guess what, where I live software patents aren't recognized. So, personally, I don't care at all. (as...
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    The theoretical maximum storage on a Pyra just went up.

    Given that's ~250 KiB, it shouldn't matter that much.
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    The theoretical maximum storage on a Pyra just went up.

    pacman -Ss exfat community/exfat-utils 1.2.4-1 [installed] Utilities for exFAT file system Please check before you post anything. Especially, when it is so easy. I'm personally running Parabola GNU/Linux and have access to exFAT drivers, so the slightly modified Debian available on the Pyra...
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    Appimage instead of pnd?

    Wayland is client/server but not network transparent, since this requires having a drawing API.
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    Appimage instead of pnd?

    Afaik, that's mostly wrong. Wayland uses EGL for compositing the client buffers instead of using a 30+ years old API, but this can also be executed on the CPU.
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    Clear Case

    I think you're not the only one wondering here. Where did you see the term ?
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    Audio in/out

    The audio jack has audio in, if that is your question.
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    Google releases SwiftShader OpenGL ES software rendering library as open source

    Compared to what ? HW rendering or classical SW rendering ?
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    Google releases SwiftShader OpenGL ES software rendering library as open source

    After a quick check, mesa's newest built-in software rasterizer, llvmpipe, seems to be pretty efficient. However, it looks like it doesn't support ARM assembly.