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    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October)

    I'm not seriously supporting covering the deserts with solar panels. But I don't think it's doing any harm for us tech nerds to speculate about improbable things. Walking or cycling movement efficiency is also a tech nerd question. In practice, the energy burned isn't just getting you from A to...
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    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October)

    Even if you solve the distribution, you'll need vast storage too, because all the solar in one place means no electricity at night. Though, if you've solved the distribution, you could share between a few deserts around the world to even it out (and spread the risk too)?
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    Software Kernel fails to load

    The basic SD boot (normal partition with boot.txt) still depends on an area at the start of the NAND, so if the NAND fails it's possible that won't work either. Sounds like you might have an intermittent fault with the basic SD boot, so who knows? If that does fail, you would need the MLO boot...
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    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October)

    According to Wikipedia, humans do make B12 in the gut, but too far down to absorb it. So you can probably get B12 by eating stuff contaminated with sewage, which humans did a lot until recently.
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    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October)

    No, it's the other way. Well, a big boat is putting out more than a plane, but it's also carrying vastly more stuff, so per kg of cargo the boat is much more efficient. There may also be an issue with greenhouse gases emitted at high altitude having more effect. ... Sorry, I misread that. The...
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    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October)

    Regarding the greenhouse gas impact of stuff delivered from far away, there's a huge difference between air and sea travel. For some things it's not easy to know which it was, but highly perishable food like fresh berries must have come by air. Out-of-season fresh berries grown locally are grown...
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    Vegetarian Awareness Month (October)

    I'm currently a vegetarian even though I agree with you that it doesn't quite make sense. With eggs and milk from the farming system, the males are killed young, and the females are killed at the age when their production drops. Fundamentally, the difference is only in quantity, so why not eat a...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    The greenhouse gas associated with agriculture is N2O (and methane from animals, but they're talking about N2O above).
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    External Controllers on OpenPandora?

    For another Pandora USB oddity, there may also be issues if you plug in an empty hub. So: reboot the Pandora, and check your flash drive by itself. If that's OK, plug the flash drive into the hub, then plug the hub into the Pandora. If that's OK, plug a controller into the hub too and see if...
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    This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

    I watched Attack on Titan, Slime, Shield Hero, and now starting out with Dr Stone. It sucks more for everyone else. Out of the great selection of anime you have in America, most of it we can't get legally at all.
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    Broken Pandora

    Hi @EvilDragon , I know you're really busy, but you first offered to mail the old one in April 2018. Something that already exists would be better than something that might be finished sometime...
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    Preparing for a Prototype

    Just for a moment, I thought that was your Pyra.
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    Even more to see here (now)

    I noticed it currently has black nubs / d-pad / volume wheel, but shoulder buttons coloured the same as the main case. Is that the plan for the final colours, or could it have black shoulder buttons like in the old renders?
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    Release SuperZaxxon v1.76

    What's the situation with the f3 SD card checker? Looking at my Pandora, I'm not quite sure what happened here; but looks like maybe the one in the opkg repo was very old, and I compiled a new version and installed it to the NAND myself. (It's very small; potentially useful to a lot of people...
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    Backlit GBA etc

    I finally got around to opening mine and cleaning all the gold button contacts. It seems to be working much better now. I attached some photos of the inside. (This one is older and from a different source than the ones which spawned this discussion.)
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    Broken Pandora

    Hi @EvilDragon , any update on this?
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    An interesting e-ink screen...

    Seems to be capacitive, and works fine in certain contexts, so the unresponsiveness in other contexts must be a software issue. Note to self: pushing it harder doesn't help.
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    An interesting e-ink screen...

    My impression was that the main problem with touchscreens was harming the papery surface appearance. (If you stick a standard touchscreen layer in front of e-ink, you've basically lost the appearance benefits of e-ink.) So maybe they've found a way around that now. My Energy E-Reader Pro+ has...
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    World News Thread (Politics,whatever)

    Even if I'd (been there and) wanted to buy one, I would have been afraid of the crowd. Watching the video, I was a little worried for the person walking away with one.
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    Hardware How to clean the LCD?

    However, opening up the top half comes with a risk of damaging the LCD cable, and in that situation there seem to be no replacements available.