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    We need more drama. So here's another video.

    Another summary of the state update (or a video) would be nice!
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    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    This completely matches my view too! I have a friend who waited to see it produced before ordering it, so I guess he is not alone and lot of new order will come once once Pyra starts shipping.
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    2 Months™ and Communism Banter (Split from Springs are brilliant! )

    Then again one can move to a semi-communist state of China, so no reason to complain either. Grew up in two countries with a very different type of communism, don't miss those days a bit. Not that capitalism is without its flaws, but they pale compared to all tried alternatives.
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    Pyra News: Springs are brilliant!

    Thanks a lot for the update Wally and for the additional comments ED! I really appreciate transparency an keeping the community in the loop.
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    Just testing the water....

    I'm the next in the queue. Never had one of those...
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    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    Thanks a lot for your updates! I am very happy to see that the biggest current issue with Pyra is moving forward very nicely!
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    RetroFlag GPi Case - A 'GBZero' that isn't janky

    Why not one of original GBAs (potentially modded)? What do you miss from that setup?
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    32blit Retro-inspired Homebrew Handheld with Open-source Firmware

    For me the most critical aspect for such a handheld (there are plenty of those lately) is the quality of the 4-way d-pad. Gamebuino has an OK one, where ClockworkPi has a sub-par one that in 1/20 of the cases registers a wrong keypress. For me even the one from GCW zero, while acceptable was not...
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    Not much text here. Just a video.

    Same here, so do whatever suits you better. Quarter of a content, but twice as often would be also preferable for me.
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    RetroFlag GPi Case - A 'GBZero' that isn't janky

    My major concern it the quality of the buttons. Was very disappointed with the clockwork ones...
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    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    I agree. The stone-look Pyra is close to perfect. I'd accept it for my pre-preorder right away!
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    Case Improvements and the keymat

    Great update once more! Very happy to read it!!! One minor point you intended to extend the keymat with speaker sealing. Is that still a plan? My feeling is that a custom heatsink might be another obstacle. All in all it seems that the things are moving along nicely. Side note I've made another...
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    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    I love this series of updates gives us something to see and is very regular. Also it is amazing how fast and good you recovered from both personal and health issues!
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    Pyxa - new handheld (kickstarter)

    Very, very similar to Gamebuino. Same processor, similar build...
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    Apple II thread

    I've used Pandora for apple ][ emulation. It has SD card. And better keyboard...
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    Just a bunch of pics

    Not a major issue for me (as I don't have any pets) but some animals hear higher pitches than humans and are annoyed by them. Is the new pitch friendly to dogs?
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    GPD Pocket ready for preorder :)

    What is the current state of Linux drivers for it? What Linux distribution would be the best to use? Pondering if I need this before Pyra comes out... ANd I don't feel like spending lot of time configuring it...
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    In which sense Telegram is better than WatsApp? Open source of Signal, concentrating on end-to-end encryption of Threema I could understand, but Telegram... Are you aware of this: ?
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    As I said some weeks ago - happy to switch from 4 to 2 GB if it helps producing Pyra faster. ;-)
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    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    Frankly, although I personally prefer 4 GB and would pay extra for it, I'd be more than happy with 2 GB too. If it's delay the production couple of months or so, I'd rather have it sooner than have it perfect...