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  1. wongojack

    [Emulator] 8Blitter (Mastersystem/gamegear/gameboy)

    I tested it quickly on the Wiz and it handled everything I tried.  Thanks so much for your work here.  Great UI!
  2. wongojack

    Wiz-Atari : Atari 800/130/5200 Emulator For Wiz

    I came to this topic because I also couldn't get JOY_FIRE2 to work on 5200 Defender.  I guess since this hasn't been updated since 2009 it is a lost cause?
  3. wongojack

    Coming Back After A Long Break

    Thanks!  Is there a similar forum to this one for something like the Nvidia Shield where people are contributing and learning about what the device(s) can do?
  4. wongojack

    Coming Back After A Long Break

    I guess I got my Wiz in 2009, and it launched me down a path of re-investment in my classic gaming hobby.  I don't use it very often anymore, but it still has a nice clean screen and the battery holds a charge.   As a pure gamer in this community, I was wondering where the energy has gone.  The...
  5. wongojack

    Is The Charging Cable For The Caanoo The Same One Used For The Wiz?

    Hey Thorax - I dunno if you are still around these forums, but to make a charging cable, I guess I'd have to cut the end of a USB cord, hopefully find 5 wires in there that I could identify as those that match up with the pinout, attach them and then I'd have my power cable?
  6. wongojack

    Usb Charging Cable

    What list do you mean? The list of phones that the connector you linked is for?
  7. wongojack

    Never Played The 2600 Before Discovering Emulators?

    This is from a discussion on the AtariAge website, but I thought it would be helpful for Caanoo or Wiz users who weren't familiar with the 2600. Unfortunately, you won't really be able to take much advantage of multiplayer games on the Wiz, but you can still do high score battles if you want ...
  8. wongojack


    There is no savestate option in UAE4All. You must use the in game save options as if you were actually sitting in front of an Amiga. Create a blank .adf disk in Win UAE and then move it to your Wiz. When you are ready to save in-game then go to the menu and put the blank disk into drive 1...
  9. wongojack

    No Emulators For Almost A Month Now.

    Amiga and Vice
  10. wongojack

    Pcsx4All : Rise Of The Problems

    Keep trying other games that are known to work. The compatability for that emulator is not very extensive. Try Oddworld and if you get the same behavior then maybe there is a configuration option that is wrong or another software problem Without checking the compatability list, I'd venture to...
  11. wongojack

    Are Bios Needed For Every Emulator? Please Help

    No, they do not all require a Bios Mame comes to mind as an emulator that does not require a seperate bios, FCEU (NES) also does not require this, neither does 2600 or PocketSNES
  12. wongojack

    Should I Get It?

    I've had my Wiz since July and I've had 0 problems with it. I purchased it at in the US. Some users report problems with screen deterioration early in the life of the Wiz, but I haven't experienced that. Frankly, its not very expensive and I think you will get your money's worth...
  13. wongojack

    Problems Ahoy!

    Refunds come from retailers, so you are probably out of luck. You should investigate getting it repaired through GPH. I think you'll find their contact info on these boards. I bet ThinkGeek could provide information on how to contact them for repair as well. If you don't want to mess with...
  14. wongojack

    Im Having A Problem When Starting Pocketsnes

    I believe someone posted that they tried at a lower firmware version, but a quick scan of this thread did not lead me to that. There was another thread going on this topic too which is linked in this one. Perhaps they mentioned specifically downgrading the firmware. edit: found in the Pocket...
  15. wongojack

    Problems Ahoy!

    at some point someone posted a volume button expose' on the Wiz on these forums. I seem to remember the volume button being just a single piece of plastic and when it breaks it needs to be replaced by another single piece. You might have been able to just find a stiff piece of plastic the...
  16. wongojack

    Replacing Wiz Screen

    Just look at all these cheap handhelds at dealextreme: There are 2 that are less than $20! Surely someone on these boards can figure out how to move one of those screens onto a wiz, or move the wiz guts into that case. They are so cheap...
  17. wongojack

    Is The Charging Cable For The Caanoo The Same One Used For The Wiz?

    What did you search for exactly? What is they type of connector on the cable called?
  18. wongojack

    Is The Charging Cable For The Caanoo The Same One Used For The Wiz?

    Is the connector the same? I have a Wiz and would like to get an extra USB cable someday. Just wondering if the Caanoo cable is the same as that would mean I would be able to pick one of those up and not scour the earth for an old Wiz cable. Also, I think I remember saying that the connector...
  19. wongojack

    Mame Help

    Read other threads on this board around the problem of missing files. Usually the problem is that you do not have a rom compatible with the version of MAME that the Wiz runs. You can get the right ROMs if you search for something like 'Official Wiz Romset' on the internet. If you've got the...
  20. wongojack

    Replacing Wiz Screen

    maybe we could ask BenHeck to perfect moving the Wiz guts into a GBA case for us. or just see if he can put an LCD on the Wiz . . .