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    Share your projects

    I am working for a few months now on a top down sci-fi puzzle game with a (hopefully good) story. Game is fully written in löve2d. Still so much work left.
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    Ask the Dragon - Date has been set!

    Thanks for the stream, it was very informative. I always appreciated your openess towards this community. One of the main thing I like about this project. :)
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    GPD WIN 2

    I can't hear my Win 2 when doing simple tasks but as soon as I start stressing the device (gaming, windows updates, whatever) the fan is clearly noticeable. That said, it does not disturb me - I mean what do you expect from such a small device with so much power.
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    An other CPU discussion. Rockchip RK3399 sounds good

    That would only be a sidestep for me. It seems to have some advantages but I personally would not drop 100+ Euro on an i.MX8 "upgrade" board which is also worse in many important tasks than the OMAP5.
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    LÖVE on Pyra

    I am currently also developing a game in LÖVE (v.0.11.1). Would be awesome, if it works on the Pyra.
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    GPD WIN 2

    I'm a bit angry now that they deliver it with actual trojans preinstalled. I will immediately do a virus scan once I receive this thing. This is something that I am sure I won't need to worry about when receiving my pyra.
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    GPD Pocket 2 Announced

    I hate micro usb. I always put it in the wrong way first, then turn it around and it is again wrong and then realize that it was correct at the first try but it did not feel like it fit (because it is...well...micro usb). There are lots of memes for this phenomenon on internet, so I think there...
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    GPD WIN 2

    I am still sceptical about the keyboard. This is critical for me.When I tried the GPD Win 1, I could not image to do some typing/programming etc on it. The few people I know who own a Win 1 all tell me that the keyboard is good enough to enter your name in a game but don't do more with it. Now...
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    Release Moonlight

    Moonlight is a big reason why I bought an Nvidia card. Your porting efforts are really appreciated. ;) I don't have a Pandora but I hope that the performance and wifi of the Pyra will be enough to allow 720p60 moonlight gaming.
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    GPD WIN 2

    The Win 2 seems like a really great device and, if I was only a gamer, I wouldn't bother with the Pyra anymore. But since I am looking for a mini pc with Linux, it is more important to me to have great input methods (I already trust the Pyra keyboard a lot more than the Win 2 keyboard) and long...
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    Pyra and Wifi performance?

    I am also interested in that, especially the 5ghz wifi reception. IIRC that was a problem on the earlier mainboards - is that fixed now?
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    Nintendo Switch

    All this negativity here, wow. That thing has its flaws like every device. I finally got one last weekend and I love it. I haven't bought a console since the wii and usually stick to pc/steam gaming. The only downsides for me so far: glossy screen (couldn't really play on a train ride when the...
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    We've started to order things!

    ? There are many fast loading phones from many (ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, ...nearly all?) manufactures using this. In fact, it's probably more difficult to find mid to upper range Android phones without it nowadays. It's a choice to use it anyway, you can still charge it slowly if you prefer.
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    We've started to order things!

    Hypothetically, if a future cpu board has a soc with some quickcharge functionality (like from qualcomm) , can the Pyra make use of that or is it impossible due to the charger chip being on the mainboard? I have a Galaxy S7 as my company phone and the thing I like most about it, is that you can...
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    Flash Player Support

    Same, video sites aren't a problem (anymore) but spotify is. I think they once had a flash-free implementation but went away from it because they wanted flash's DRM for decoding the songs.
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    With full steam into the new year!

    Honestly, this waiting sucks but is understandable. I hope that these prototypes go out to devs/others asap and there will be lots of videos. That would sweeten the wait a lot. :)
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    Pyra as full mobile phone replacement?

    In Germany, you get another sim with the same number for 5€ extra per month for most providers. Mobile internet is shared and If a phone call comes in, all your devices will be ringing. Once you answer the call on one device, all devices stop. SMS only goes to one device of your choice, though...
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    You emailed me an expired/used voucher code.

    I wonder, if this circus restarts when he finds out that the Pyra preorder wasn't the full price, too.
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    Chromecast from Pyra

    The next major version of the VLC media player (v3.0) will also contain native chromecast support. It's already supported in the nightlies builds although I haven't tested it myself yet.
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    The indicator LEDs - what should they do?

    Well, you don't see the desktop while fullscreen gaming no? In the end, you could argue with all proposed led functions in this thread that there is also a desktop widget for that use case. Personally, I also don't like any kind of GUI popup that steals focus while I am playing games. I'd rather...