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  1. Tomlad


    Thanks alot ill give it a go
  2. Tomlad

    A Homebrew Project Codenamed Aaaa

    This does look great i cant wait to have a go, good work guys
  3. Tomlad

    Riot Tag-Team Coding Competition

    Couldn't a vote be for the best game be submitted more as a review rather than your best game. For example you play games X, Y and Z. X gets a score of 65% Y gets a score of 70% and Z gets a score of 80% then once everyone has submitted a score an average percentage could be taken and given...
  4. Tomlad

    New Firmware?

    i have the current firmware and have not had any issues with it i think downgrading is the same as upgrading but i could be mistaken
  5. Tomlad

    Mission Failed

    Just downloaded this and had a quick game and its great :D the animations (i realise you got the sprites from but you choose well) sound fx and gameplay well done mate :) now to see if i can last for more than 2 minutes :D
  6. Tomlad

    Hm, What Games Should I Get?

    have you got the new snes emulator,0,0,0,71,682 much better compatibility try for game boy advance advance wars 1 and 2 good games snes donkey kong country :) ace game mega drive/Genesis shining force 1 and 2 i would also recommend doing what...
  7. Tomlad

    Games That Run Well With The Current Uae4All?

    Thanks Markymark ill give them a go :D
  8. Tomlad

    Games That Run Well With The Current Uae4All?

    Hi, can anyone suggest as the title says any games that run well (playable) with the current version of Uae4All, I have never even played any amiga game before so its all new to me :D :D I tried mega lo mania but cannot get this to go further than the character selection also tried space hulk...
  9. Tomlad

    How Long Until We See Uae4All? (Amiga Emulator)

    I followed Qbertaddict's tutorial on youtube has all you need cheers Qbertaddict! :D
  10. Tomlad


    Looks and sounds great good work :D
  11. Tomlad

    Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

    yeah i thought its a little strange them saying they threw him in the sea??? why would you dispose of this guys body so quickly when you have been looking for him for 10 years and he is so infamous?
  12. Tomlad

    Idea: App Downloader For The File Archive

    There was mention of this before and I believe its being worked on
  13. Tomlad

    Could This Be Better Than Caanoo, Pandora,wiz (Tablet Pc)

    na these are awful clumsy things, used a couple of these at my old place of work, the joystick on the left controls the mouse and yeah they are pretty big.
  14. Tomlad

    Sdllopan For Caanoo/wiz

    ah nice one mate ill download now thanks alot :D
  15. Tomlad

    What Should I Do Now? :(

    i guess you could send it back and say you received it like that, still would have to spend a bit as you say on taxes though :(
  16. Tomlad

    Has Anyone Gotten Rendering Ranger For Sfc To Work?

    i just tried it and get just a black screen... there are a few games that dont work i guess we will just have to wait for an update :P
  17. Tomlad

    Best Firmware?

    when i got my caanoo it came with 1.07, i upgraded it to 1.6 and not had any issue with it at all :)
  18. Tomlad

    100 Flash Games/apps Pack

    Thanks alot mate downloading this now.
  19. Tomlad

    The Legend Of Zelda: Return Of The Hylian For Caanoo

    Sweet ill give it a go thanks :D
  20. Tomlad

    Caanoo Appstore

    This looks like a real nice idea. i would love something like this similar as you say to the android marketplace looks very good indeed :D