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  1. no_skill

    Caanoo / WIZ Example Wiz Code (Libcastor)

    Hey, i've been trying to get Spout running on the Wiz using libcastor, but i have close to no ideas how the whole thing works (do i need to assign the framebuffers, if flipping mandatory, which resolution does lc_gettime have, etc etc, ) hence i was wondering: is there any example code out...
  2. no_skill

    Back In The Ward...

    you know... information is sparse and/or spread over a million places and heads. the archive version of libcastor seems to be the recent one. it's used by some of the great projects (mame, ?), but that's information from irc, so take it with a grain of salt. besides if you're lucky you can get...
  3. no_skill

    A Slightly Incomplete Mac Toolchain

    true, i should have noted that somewhere; tried that a week ago (using torpors pre-build libs with this toolchain) for now i resorted to using libcastor for hardware access, but that's clearly no viable solution (SDL!, OpenGLes!) i was thinking about using orkies buildscript and building the...
  4. no_skill

    Os X/darwin Support?

    did that. now wondering where i can find the library sources, so i can compile them. ( this looks more like the low-level linux kernel stuff). any ideas where i can...
  5. no_skill

    For Those In The Know...

    hi, i'm a graphics designer too (student though), i'm currently packaging a basic development environment for wiz development on the wiz. maybe our graphics design skills could yield a really easy introduction to low-level game programming.
  6. no_skill

    A Slightly Incomplete Mac Toolchain

    i pulled together a rudimentary evironment to bootstrap wiz development on the mac. using the gp2x arm compiler binary you can get at least console programms running on wiz, compiled on mac now. doesn't include libSDL or libCastor yet, but supports...
  7. no_skill

    A Slightly More Complete Toolchain+Libs For Linux Devs ..

    your # ln -s /toolchain /opt/openwiz/toolchain is what makes me worry about this solution, still looks like the best all-in-one solution there currently is (for linux). :/
  8. no_skill

    Libcastor Missing Png.h

    i tried building libcastor and failed at png.h aswell. tried to get it from libpng, still no avail. resolved to just copying castor.c, castor.h & polluxregs.h to my build environment. yet libcastor apparently switches the screen to tilted mode (luckily the shell afterwards still works, they...
  9. no_skill

    How To Get Quake Running

    Hi, i'm trying to get Quake running on my Wiz. i have pak0 & pak1 in my id1 folder, but when i run quake it just loads the console, then crashes. (the console says "failed" somehwere, but its always too fast to decypher) any of you got quake running & how? do i need to install some libraries...
  10. no_skill

    Wiz On Its Way!

    eye, slow you greedy 1! it's not like i can set up the toolchain on mac (URGH!) port the game from ruby to c (URGH URGH!) in the 2 hours since i got my wiz. unless, that is you build a cellular automata / ai thingy that does that for me :P (or something similar) no offense.
  11. no_skill

    Wiz On Its Way!

    my wiz shipped today. w0000t :D i want to port puit there 1day.
  12. no_skill

    Gmenu2x V0.8 Released

    this and descent will probably make me try using my gp2x again. thanks :)
  13. no_skill

    Super Mario Wars

  14. no_skill

    Super Mario Wars

    yeah i think that was the reason. concerning the permission: i didn't know that people think that way. it'd be awesome for me to see someone else port it (and on top of that i wouldn't have to port it ;) ). Concerning AI: 1.7 has different AI difficulty settings (you can grab the beta for the...
  15. no_skill

    Super Mario Wars

    Awesome! Thanks for porting the game! Btw: on the front page of gp32x it says "Super Mario Wars", but the game is calle "Super Mario War" ;)
  16. no_skill

    Firmware 2.0.0 Updater

    the same here. maybe you'd like to change your readme so it reads: 1. upgrade uboot 2. copy all firmware update files to the sd card again (in case something was removed) 3. boot gp2x + holding start+select step 2. is the solution for the problem "my gp2x hangs in the "firmware upgrading"...
  17. no_skill

    Firmware 2.0

    *sigh* trial and error is the solution? would it be possible to write a firmware patcher that also overwrites u-boot?
  18. no_skill

    Firmware 2.0

    Hi, i hate the 40secs boot time in firmware 1.4 (especially if some funny game developers see no need for a "exit-this-game" function and i have to switch my gp2x off and on). so i wanted to upgrade to firmware 2.0, but my sd card ain't compatible. is there another way to upgrade to 2.0? 1.4...
  19. no_skill

    Firmware Upgrade Guide

    I'd like to upgrade to 2.0 (from 1.4), but my SD card isn't supported. i doubt that i can use the 1.4 patcher with the 2.0 files, ... so..... is there any other way to upgrad?
  20. no_skill

    Vektar Graphics Needed

    check gridwars (inspired by geometry wars on the xbox 360) (don't worry about the crappy website, the game looks wonderful). cheers. looking forward to vektar :)