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  1. Tor

    Unbelievable time handling bug

    Ok DST changed last night. So what do I see on my Pandora? WRONG TIME! And not only is the local time one hour wrong, it's much worse: 'date -u' now shows that the clock, which shall always be UTC, has somehow been moved one hour! What's going on here? Has somebody tried to wrestle the setup...
  2. Tor

    Zaxxon bug: shutdown reboots

    Just reflashed with HF6 final. Power cable plugged in. In xfce4. Select Log Out Select Shut Down (shows Power of Ångstrom) Then the thing reboots! I asked for shutdown, not reboot.
  3. Tor

    Could Someone Fix The Subforum Subtext, Please?

    Could someone with access please fix the 'a software' description, please? It's just "software", you can't count software more than you can count water.
  4. Tor

    Suggestion For The New Current Status Page

    I don't have any problems following the old hardware/production status page (everything happens at the bottom, with more and more fields going green), but whenever the new OS status addition changes I'm unable to see what changed when I clicked 'reload'. So, what about a 'changebar' to the...
  5. Tor

    What happened to _this_ forum then?

    I changed over to the Pandora forum after finishing with another one where people complained about the layout, thinking, "the Pandora forum is really the best forum software I've been using", then when I refresh the screen _this_ ugly thing comes up! Now this forum looks as bad as the worst of...
  6. Tor

    Shipping Method?

    I noticed someone had 'FedEx boxes' or something similar in their .sig. Does that mean it's already decided that the Pandora will be shipped by FedEx? That would be majorly inconvenient for me. I will have to pay 25% VAT (fair enough), the problem is that FedEx, TNT and most of those other...
  7. Tor

    Audio input sample rate

    As far as I know the Pandora will have a mic., or at least audio input. What kind of sample rate can it do? A Palm PDA can typically do everything from 8kHz to 44kHz, but a Nokia N8x0 can only do 8kHz. Apparently this is a limit in hardware. So, how's the Pandora on this? (I asked the question...
  8. Tor

    Detecting a card?

    After looking at the picture here: a thought occured to me and I didn't see anything about it after a (possibly too) quick search. Does the Pandora have a way of detecting that a card is about to get removed, so that the operating system can unmount it...