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    Gp2x In Uk Newspaper

    That's not as bad as the fact that they "forgot" to mention emulating
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    Gamepark Files Bankruptcy

    If handheld with 640x480 touchscreen would be released with cpu that can emulate n64 and ps1 fullspeed I would simply die from happiness. Add wifi support, web browser, downloadable content, usb ports that can power keyboard, mouse, memorysticks and external harddrives and it would be the ownzor.
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    Tv Out

    Im pretty sure that it is possible to do nintendo on gp2x :lol: Somebody just has to write better tv-out fix that scales the whole thing. It could be tricky but I think that it is possible.
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    GP2X Project-h

    I'm glad that I live in Finland :lol: But anyway, I will release short quizz soon and hentai game with complete story later
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    GP2X Project-h

    I can try to do it. It would be nice to get some ideas trough pm but I guess that nobody wants hentai :unsure: edit. I'm beginning to notice that I really suck at writing novels, but atleast the story has some good things. I think that I will first do quizz for practise. I just wonder, that do...
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    GP2X Project-h

    It will be available at Sunday, maybe earlier. Onscripter is easy to use so its like doing powerpoint with notepad :lol: Its too easy to find free to download hentai games, but its lot of harder to find out are they commercial. Its going to be totally random game with hentai or hentai quizz
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    GP2X Project-h

    Sry for double post, but I have decided to use nscripter. I will release first "chapter" soon and it will be short example. Pm me if you want to share ideas for story or share some artwork that would be suitable for this kind of game. edit. I think that I can use onscripter now, but because I...
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    GP2X Project-h

    Look the visual novel section at the database. I dont think that other novels will run before someone does little modifications to them
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    GP2X Project-h

    That is another solution, but theres very little information about it available
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    GP2X Project-h

    Good point, I should try it. Edit: apparently I dont even know what programs should I use, too much different fenix thing. I feel like a noob now :o
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    GP2X Project-h

    Its not trash :blink: H-games are more like visual novels, it wouldnt hurt gp2x to have some
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    GP2X Project-h

    Ok, here is my idea. I want to make traditional hentai games for gp2x. I know that you have been playing them, its just going forward text and making chooses once in while. The problem is, that only coding that I have done has been macromedia flash actionscript, so I dont have any experience in...
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    Gp2x + Cold Temperatures

    Not going to happen. they are going gamepark :D They are making new n-gage, but this time you can play new n-gage games with other cellphones too and some devices that arent even phones :lol: And they are just releasing E-series too. remember that nokia is finnish :) Someone should sacrifice...
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    Gp2x + Cold Temperatures

    I live at Finland, but my gp2x hasnt minded the cold. I just keep it in pocket inside my jacket. AND MY NOKIA WORKS OUTDOORS EVEN NOW, WHEN ITS -25C
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    Need Help Finding A Good Converter.

    Just use super, select pocket divx and test what bitrate works. If you use gp2x's speakers set sound to mono and lowest bitrate
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    Vobbo, Where Have You Gone? :(

    Thats nice. wanna test my wii emulator for gp2x?
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    Xreader 2beta

    Finally I can read finnish erotic novels! (ÄÖ)
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    Alltoavi Not Working For The Gp2x

    PERFECT SETTINGS (for anime)
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    The New Sony Mylo

    all g networks are combaptible with b :blink:
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    New Firmware Soon!

    just encode videos with super©, it doesnt take long