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    Gp2x For Sale With Sandisk 1gb Sd, Case And More

    GP2X As the topic says; I'm also considering offers through ebay. :ph34r:
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    Maxell 1gb Sd Card I just spotted this SD card for £50, any ideas if it's compatible / any good? :ph34r:
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    Holy Crap!!!!!!

    I just tried it out this morning and all I can really say is "wow". Finally I can have a stab at completing Streets of Rage III :ph34r:
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    How Many Of You Using Updated Firmware?

    :blink: The version on mine is 2005-11-13 - I'm assuming that's version 1.0? Is anyone finding the newer firmware to be much of an improvement, or might be be smarter to wait a few versions?
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    Screen Protector Question

    I received my GP2X today - it's hella sweet so far. However I noticed a bit of thick tape on the corner of the screen, with a red bit on it also. Has anyone else got that on? Also, is there anything to remove from the screen itself or just the protector piece? Cheers.
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    Hi, I did run a search on the forum beforehand, but couldn't find a definitive answer, so here goes... I've been told mplayer CVS has H.264 support, I've also read that the GP2X uses mplayer for playing it's movies. Does the GP2x support this format already, is it potentially capable or is the...