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    Evildragons Gp2x Shop, Opens Today, Gp2x 165euro !

    Yes its true, for all you Germans out there, you can preorder your gp2x at EvilDragons web shop, NOW. Its only 165 Euro !!! And he gets the first batch gp2x machines, like craigx. No extra waiting. You say wow, Okay jump here : EvilDragons Web shop
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    Gp2x, 165 Euro, Including Vat. + P&p.

    Wait for evildragons web shop to appear, to preorder...
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    GP2X Libmirko Sdk, Who Use It ? Do You Like It ?

    Do you know my libmirko SDK for gp32 ? It is a SDK, open source, helping Folks getting started devving Software and Homebrew for the gp32. It offers a lot free examples, is available with all source code, and completly free. My question is now, do you use it ? What kind of Software are you...
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    Hi, welcome on board gamepark lovers... I made an interesting chat with Squidge, so what do you think. the gp2x comes with an very old linux settup, not very devving friendly, so there are 2 solutions. Create a new Linux for the system, gcc 3.4 and glibc, sdl based. This means we need the...
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    GP32 Homebrew Hardware, Poll

    Homebrew console, featuring, ~400Mhz CPU gp32 BLU LCD, or 16:9 LCD, 4" or 5" 64MB RAM SD-Card Slot, USB, sound, ... optional Bluetooth, dont know jet... To get it as cheap as possible, there are no extra features like, an DSP, or more Ram, or W-lan.
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    GP32 Creating A New Game-console. Homebrew Project

    Still waiting for gp64 ? Why wait, lets create our owne open source Gaming machine. Total cost, under 100Euro, 4xspeed of current gp32, SD-card slot ! Interested ??? Read on... I found some nice parts, to build the ultimative open source Gaming machine. CPU: SAMSUNG's S3C2440X 16/32-bit...
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    Gizmondo Commercial In German Magazin

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    Ps2 Usb-extreme, Usb-advance

    If someone missed it: Or in short: " USBeXtreme allows you to convert your PS2 games to USB HDD and run directly from the USB HDD connected to your console. It is compatible with ALL version of PS2 (included PSX)." So, i tryed this software , connected my...
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    Microsoft Xbox 360 Is A Fake!

    The presentation of the Xbox360 at E3, is a big Fake. There is no running xbox360, all playable xbox360 demos are Running on two !APPLE! Power MACs. Read the complete at:
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    Nintendo Revolution, First Pictures

    Hardware specs = ? But we know, its all Nintendo Machines Compatible, that means, you can run all SNES,NES, N64, Gamecube Games on this thing. You can Download them trough w-lan on an 512MB internal flash ram. The Power is 2-3x the speed of the gamecube. So its compared to the PS3, or Xbox 360...
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    Psp Killing Gp32 Homebrew Scene ?

    Okay, you all know, the psp is cracked. It is possible to use a gcc crosscompiler with r4000 target, to compile psp homebrew stuff. The psp is hacked, you can run your homebrew stuff on it. At this time only on 1.0 Firmware machines, but i bet in the next weeks the 1.5 firmware is hacked too...
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    GP32 Pllset.exe

    pllset.exe requested from Blah, and usefull for others of course to :)
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    GP32 Mirko Sdk, Coders Needed

    Hi, iam searching for help in programming/devving/testing/writing new stuff, for mirkos SDK. My time is very limited at the moment (i must work on my diploma), and i cant see a time in the (near) future there i get more time to investigate/programm new stuff for my gp32. There is so mutch to...
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    psp is out, and as you all know, it offers some kind of a mini-cd. ( Its not possible to read or write this mini-cd on normal pc ). But psp also offers a memory stick slot, to store and playback : divx-avis ( H263 divx, not divx 5.x compatible :( ) mp3 savestates And there is a "GAMES" Folder...
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    [HOAX] Amiga 500 Emulator Is Here

    Get this Masterpiece here : HAVE FUN ! EDIT: This is only a Amiga 500 scene Demo, nice to watch .... This is not an Emulator ...
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    GP32 How Fast Can You Get ? Gp32 Clockspeed Tester

    Hy, wrote a little more accurate clockspeed tester, it makes a big stress test, on lcd, dma, sound,... You can select clockspeed, start music with START, and reset with R. Please post how fast you can get... Can someone test a new BLU ??? [Mod - File...
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    GP32 Rotating Tube With Music Sdk083 Demo

    Hi, to show you the power of the modplayer/SDK083, i created a nice demo... what do you think about it ?
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    GP32 Sdk 081

    Wrong forum, sorry... read here :
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    GP32 Contiki Ports

    while surfing the web, i found the Contiki Project, a real OS, and ported to gp32. So how can we use this, for upcomming software ?
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    First Chatboard Game Ready

    Hi, just a quick note, i ported "Kronos" with Magnetic Scrolls games support. to gp32 with chatboard support. It is the first Chatboard game ( i think ). And it is only playable with a Chatboard. So if you dont own a Chatboard, you better get...