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  1. Mr Rob

    History Repeating: Red!

    Hello all: In other news, one of my favorite video game rock bands (if such a thing exists), The Megas, released a new album to finish off their Megaman 3 saga.  It's quite, quite awesome, and the lyrics point a lot to the Protoman story arc.   Anyways, check it out if you need some more...
  2. Mr Rob

    Selling my Classic Pandora

    Hello all: First, you guys rock.  I occasionally swing back by the boards and you guys just keep doing your thing, which is awesome. Second, I'm selling my classic Pandora.  Though I love it and have many fond memories with it, I just don't use it anymore, so I figured I'd sell it here.  It's...
  3. Mr Rob

    Earthbound -- Occasional Freezes?

    Hmm, has anyone here ran into occasional game freezes while playing Earthbound? And if so, have found a solution? Once in a while, when I enter/leave a room, the next screen will load and the audio will get caught in a 1/4 second loop and I can't move at all, which makes me sad. I'm using...
  4. Mr Rob

    Good/Free Bejeweled clones for Windows?

    Hey all: Someone here may know this; are there any good Bejeweled clones for Windows that are also free? Gweled doesn't seem to have a Windows client (though theoretically possible, as Pidgin is GTK and works on Windows), and is lacking an endless mode...
  5. Mr Rob

    Ninja Gaiden: DEFEATED

    After sinking more time into it than I'll ever actually admit, I've finally beaten Ninja Gaiden. And I feel like bragging.
  6. Mr Rob

    Tales of... vs Final Fantasy

    Hello all: Of late I've been playing a lot of a couple "Tales of..." games (specifically Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny). For those that have never heard of them, they tend to be Action RPGs, taking the typical random battles of an RPG and giving you actual control of the movements...
  7. Mr Rob

    Release PyChess

    Hello all: I had a request for PyChess: Um, it's another chess client, with apparently works well for online play at some of the official chess boards. So if you're a chess master, give it a go! May work a bit better with...
  8. Mr Rob

    Mixing and Matching Debian/Angstrom Libraries

    Hello all: Lately I've been porting games using Debian on an SD Card. Works well, lots of the compilers and libraries are newer than what one'll find on Angstrom at the moment, plus Debian has more in their ARM repos anyway. When I package things up, however, I do go through and include all...
  9. Mr Rob

    Release PokerTH 0.8.3 'beta'

    Hello all: PokerTH (built from source using Debian on an SD card + Debian libraries): Still has a couple graphical issues, but certainly playable/enjoyable at this point. Playing versus computer players works well. So does...
  10. Mr Rob

    Release Pingus Release

    Hello all: There's been a couple of new versions of Pingus developed in the past month, and I don't think anyone was working on I give you Pingus! A couple of improvements, the main ones being new worlds included...
  11. Mr Rob

    Release Frozen Bubble

    Hello all: I noticed that Frozen Bubble, a wonderful open source game, has yet to be ported to Pandora. Compiling and the like led to errors, so instead, I packaged up the Debian arm binaries for Frozen Bubble, and uploaded it to
  12. Mr Rob

    Chroots? (Or Mr Rob's goes insane)

    Hey all: I did a search on the boards, and didn't find much information about setting up chroots in the past.... Backstory: I used the 'install Debian to an SD card trick' which gives me access to Debian's massive repository for packages. Yay, games like PokerTH and Frozen Bubble play...
  13. Mr Rob

    What do you do for backups?

    Hello all: Caine had some bad drive problems, and I know other people have had data on the Pandora memory card lost, or elsewhere, so it's probably a good time to talk about backing up your computers. I always rant about backups because it's fairly simple to do, but no one does it. :( I...
  14. Mr Rob

    Newer GCC (>= 4.4.5)?

    Hello all: Has anyone gotten a newer gcc compiled and running on their Pandora for development? I'm trying to get the latest version of Pingus running, and from what I can tell he's using newer features that the current GCC (4.3.3) on the Pandora doesn't support. Specifically 'unique_ptr'...
  15. Mr Rob

    Mustachio for Chrome

    Random fun, I have a chrome extension that uses face recognition technology and adds a mustache to faces on any web page. It always makes me laugh, and I figured I'd share some found while browsing these forums for wallpapers...
  16. Mr Rob

    Release Supertux (0.1.3 Milestone 1) Updated

    With permission/assistance from Pickle, I've updated Supertux (version 0.1.3 Milestone 1) and uploaded it to the repo. Specific changes: 1. Fixed a glitch from the original port where levels without a background image set would look very buggy. 2. Fixed some alignment issues on the HUD...
  17. Mr Rob

    Release Supertux2

    Hello all: If you've been following here: http://boards.openpa...-dev-questions/, you'll see that I've been futzing with Supertux{1,2}. I have taken the Supertux2 binaries used by Maemo and wrapped it into a PND. Could you test it before I upload to the repo? Here it is...
  18. Mr Rob

    Supertux 2 (0_3_3) -- General Dev Questions

    Hello all: First off, I am a Linux guy, but it tends to be more geared toward servers, and less games/graphics, so that's my general background. I currently have a functioning copy of "Super Tux 2" (0_3_3 downloaded from their SVN) running on my Pandora. I built on the Pandora itself, and...
  19. Mr Rob

    Here's an interesting development: Seems to be reminiscent of the old GP32 consoles. The sales price is sexy ($10), and they plan on making most of their money by making an Indie games app store and taking 10%. Spec wise it's obviously not up to snuff with the Pandora, but that's okay...
  20. Mr Rob

    File Archive 404s?

    Hello all: Have other people been running into some 404 errors when trying to download things from the file archive? The SNES emu (,0,0,0,71,63) gives me a 404, and so does Dosbox...