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    I Always Laugh When I Think About How You Guys Got Scammed

    I was ready to also pull the trigger on the pandora years ago. Lucky I didn't. So I was almost in the same boat as many of you.   But I did check back every so often to see the progress on the pandora. I could not believe it when every six months or so when checking the forum that the pandora...
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    Has Everyone Received Their Pre-Orders?

    I come to this forum from time to time to see if everybody got their pandora. It still amazes me that after 1 or 2 years people were still waiting. I can not tell if everybody got theirs yet who ordered that long ago.
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    Anyone Have Trouble Going Diagonal Up-Right On Caanoo?

    Seems like when I try to go this way it is difficult, I usually go to the right or up. Do any of you notice this problem? I don't think anything is broken but think it is just difficult to do this on that round stick.
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    Should I Buy Caanoo, Or Wait For Pandora?

    I have actually purchased the wiz over a year and half ago and returned it due to a problem with one of the buttons. I decided not to get another one because I thought I might as well get a pandora. I read my post on why I returned the Wiz and it was mainly the spongy "b" button and also not too...
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    Returned My Wiz

    First I want to thank think geek for easily letting me return my wiz, great company to deal with, from initial order to return. I decided to return my wiz after my "b" button was a bit spongy. I was going to initially replace it for another one but after careful deliberation, I decided to...
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    Will There Ever Be A X86 Pandora Style Computer?

    The pandora is not based off x86 processors so this will have compatibility problems with current software. Do you think there will ever be a powerful x86 based mini-computer like the pandora? How far away do you see something like this being possible? Why can't this currently be developed?
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    Various Pandora Questions

    Just had a few questions about the Pandora. I know this will be speculation at this point but that is OK. Since I own a wiz, I will be somewhat comparing it to that. 1) Will the development community be larger than that of the wiz? Like for example will the people making the emulators put more...
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    Compact Headphones (Ear Buds) For Wiz

    What portable headphones do you guys use for your wiz? I would assume ear buds are the best option, but any recommendations for a resonably priced pair?
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    Pandora Lcd Screen

    Was reading the wiki article and see the pandora has a response time of 30ms. I game on my computer and always get low response time monitors, 2ms gaming ones. I notice ghosting with 8ms+ monitors. I was wondering if the 30ms response time will be a problem with ghosting. I know OLED monitors...
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    Why Do Certain Emulators Not Have Full Screen?

    I can't seem to figure out why certain emulators are not full screen, like sega master system, super nintendo, while genesis is full screen. The screen is small enough, and to not have the games full screen... Can someone tell me the exact reason why the emulators are not full screen?
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    My Wiz Has Spongy B Button?

    I Just bought my wiz and realize that the B button is a bit spongy. Its not like the other buttons which spring up quickly. It does work but it causes me some difficulty when using it in games. I noticed it quickly when I was missing my firing. I'm not too happy about this as you know controls...
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    Who Owned Actual Sega/nintendo/snes/genesis?

    Was wondering how many of you actually owned old school gaming consoles and that is one of the reason you bought a handheld gaming system. Was wondering if its mostly people like me who owned these consoles when younger vs people who didn't own them but are playing them now for gaming options...
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    Why Does The Wiz Have Tearing?

    Can someone explain to me why the Wiz has tearing while other hand helds don't have this issue? Is it software or hardware related? Can it be fixed? What are the odds it is fixed? If it is fixed will it slow everything down?
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    Diagonal Controls On Wiz

    I'm considering buying the Wiz but heard there is problems with the diagonal controls being too sensitive. They say in games like SMB3 you can't do certain moves. I see this as a big problem if I can't control my games? Does the Dingoo have the same controller problems? If someone could also...