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    GP2X Project-h

    Ok, here is my idea. I want to make traditional hentai games for gp2x. I know that you have been playing them, its just going forward text and making chooses once in while. The problem is, that only coding that I have done has been macromedia flash actionscript, so I dont have any experience in...
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    Headphone Plug Fix

    I have both DS and gp2x with headphone plugs that have only one of the two pins left when I insert headphones to DS, I can hear sounds with only one headphone, other one is mute and speakers will turn off When I insert them to gp2x, speakers will stay half on and other headphone will be half on...
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    New Way To Destroy Headphone Port

    Do you remember the two pins in headphone port? My other one is missing, so I get sound from both headphones and gp2x when I plug in the headphones
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    Movie Playing Modes

    What mode are you usually using? I usually use save, because when you have converted resolution to 320x240 it will run full speed with that and it will look good. But is that underclocking?
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    I have no s-video support in my tv. Ok, I can get a new tv. But soon there will not be tv's supporting s-video, because of the HD-tv's. I have a scart where I can but the s-video, but I will see it in black and white. Can there be a patch that makes the tv-out to send normal video, not s-video
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    Gp2x's Lifetime

    How long do you think it will take to break yours? I guess that the screen will die pretty fast... I open and close it 6 times in day at school, so will it damage my gp2x?
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    Battery Solution

    When I was using my GP2X AC Adapter when I was testing my gp2x, I got an idea. There could be lithium ion battery outside of the gp2x, and it could connect to the gp2x in the ac port, because there is no room for internal battery there should be External battery
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    About Tv Out And Sleep Mode

    When you connect it to a tv, will the screen stay on? and does it have sleep function, I cannot use it in school if it hasnt got sleep mode like DS or PSP