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    Have You Played Redemption: Liar ?

    Anyone did the quest "Finding the sword" in Peishat? No clue is given where to find the sword, or did i miss it? I've no Plan...
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    Have You Played Redemption: Liar ?

    Netesheim is the cook in Pelofian Castle
  3. S Asking About Supporting Other Consoles

    I thought that C64 and Amiga (if you have a legal kickstart) games were free to copy anyways. Am I wrong? My choice: - Dreamcast - N64 - SNES
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    That's awesome, thanks siberic! Works fine with the touchscreen, hoping for some button mapping though. I guess the mappings of the Dingoo port would be fine.
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    Snes game probs

    Lufia 2 und FF3 funktionieren bei mir einwandfrei, FF5 hab ich nicht, nehme aber an daß es funkt.
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    Powder Port

    already ported by Pickle
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    Getting Scummvm Games Working

    If the intro plays I don't think you are doing anything wrong. I had a similar problem, also with Indy 4. Deleting the speech-pack (monster.*) helped. No speech then obviously, but I don't care.
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    Psx4All Released For The Wiz

    Maybe zodttd could sacrify audio emulation, that should be easy to do and could make some games actually playable. As far as I understood, PSX4Wiz still emulates sound even if you turn it off.
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    Crayon Physics: Wieder eine Pay-what-you-want-Aktion

    Super Tipp, danke! Hab das vor Jahren schon mal gespielt, hat sich ja massiv weiterentwickelt seit dem. Die paar Euro (wieviel auch immer) auf jeden Fall wert. Scheinbar nur für Windows (?), also nix Pandora :-((
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    Psx4All Released For The Wiz

    Castlevania is very slow, unplayable, even when clocked to 800 MHz (=maximum stable for most of us). This emulator is just experimental, no updates for a long time :-(
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    Win2X : Alternative Frontend

    Great release, starts to get really polished. The font is much nicer, touchscreen more accurate too. Some minor issue with sorting in the explorer: folders starting with capital letters are always listed before files starting with lowercase letters, so WizFrontier is listed before abuse.
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    Win2X : Alternative Frontend

    Overclocking (and underclocking) definitely affects the touchscreen, everything touchscreen-related should be run at exactly 533 MHz. I hope GPH fixes that soon.
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    Win2X : Alternative Frontend

    Great progress so far, thanks! some things to mention: - you can't create links to 2 applications (in the same category) if the names of the executables are identical, e.g. if 2 different games are named "game.gpe", the older one will be replaced, changing the link name doesn't help - text...
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    Win2X : Alternative Frontend

    Same here, it does nothing. My screen is calibrated well.
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    Was bräuchte ein echter WIZ Nachfolger?

    Vernünftige Herstellerpräsenz: Firmware Updates, Libraries, SDK, Website, etc., wäre für mich am wichtigsten, hab aber leider nicht das Gefühl daß es in die richtige Richtung geht bei GPH. Zm Glück kann die Community, Pickle & Co. doch seh viel draus machen. Was das Gerät an sich angeht find...
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    WIZ Frontier, hat jemand Ahnung von der Steuerung?

    Die Steuerung ist in der readme beschrieben, A + D-Pad ist Steuern, Volume Buttons Schub. Nö, wenn man auf Planeten runterschaut ruckelt es, aber pinzipiell läuft es gut genug um Laune zu machen finde ich.
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    Is It Me Or Is The Wiz Doomed

    I don't own a GP2X, but the Wiz has the best screen for reading I've ever seen on any portable device. But if watching movies is a major purpose for you the PSP might be the better choice, not because of UMD, I think it will die soon, but the screen is so much bigger which is important for...
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    Sharp Pc-Z1 Netwalker

    Seems to be an offical build, there is an info sheet about Adobe Flash Lite included in the box. 3rd shot
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    Abuse veröffentlicht

    Das Spiel hat eine Auflösung von 320x200 der Wiz 320x240, das sind eben die restlichen 40px. Würde wohl weniger auffallen wenn das Bild zentriert wäre à la Scope-Balken.
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    Caanoo / WIZ Abuse Port For Wiz Please.

    Running with L+R is awkward but this game was meant to be played with both, mouse and keyboard, anyways. Try the touchscreen version.