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  1. PokeParadox

    In need of assistance from a Portuguese speaker

    Basically I need to send an email to somewhere in Brazil. My plan was to include english and google translate Portuguese and an apology and hope they can help from there. But... I am having trouble even getting to the point of finding the email address. I'd appreciate the help of a native...
  2. PokeParadox

    ExaGear with GL Passthrough OSImage?

    Could someone that has had more success with ExaGear than I obviously have provide an Os image with it pre installed for SD card? Ideally with steam Linux and GL pass through setup. I ran someone's script that sim links it to a folder on SD but that was giving me a lockup on login after...
  3. PokeParadox

    Software ExaGear Help?

    So, admittedly late to the party, I decided to buy ExaGear for my 1GHz Pandora. How do I get started with it? I essentially want to install steam Linux and try to run lesser demanding games if at all possible and possibly experiment with WINE but not entirely sure how to go about doing that. I...
  4. PokeParadox

    Wind and Water Puzzle Battles - Help!

    Does anyone have any links to hints for the puzzle mode in W&W Puzzle Battles? I am currently completely and utterly stuck on puzzle F5 And would appreciate if someone can give me some hints on how to beat it...
  5. PokeParadox

    Software Do we having a working Torrent Client?

    Hi Folks, So I've tried to download a couple of torrents recently and while I can open Transmission, it seems that actually starting a download causes it to crash out. The recently salvaged qBittorrent refuses to start at all for me. (It complains about a missing shared library... I'll have to...
  6. PokeParadox

    SCUMMVM and MT32 Roland/Timidity Support

    Has anyone had any luck configuring the Roland MT32 ROMs on Pandora's SCUMMVM? I have this working on my Desktop and on my RaspberryPi, but I can't seem to get it working on Pandora. I have Timidity installed and the ROMs for MT32 are correct. Even without MT32 selecting Timidty does not...
  7. PokeParadox

    Sending Pandora for Repair - Some questions

    Recently my Pandora's backlight is not switching on and after some suggestions of how to get it working and some things to look out for on the board, it's still not working correctly and I will have to send it to ED for hopeful repair. I'm in the UK and I wonder what is the best way to send it...
  8. PokeParadox

    Pandora backlight not coming on... help! :(

    So today I switched on my Pandora and I can't see anything on the screen. I've tried to use the hot keys to adjust the brightness and nothing... I can't see what I'm doing so I can only shut it down by taking out the battery. Any suggestions of what to try to get back to normal status? :/
  9. PokeParadox

    Bluetooth Keyboard/case for S4 Mini?

    Hi chaps, I've done some googling and coming up pretty much empty. I'm looking for either a slide out keyboard case or a mini keyboard and a folding case so that I can just open up and type. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  10. PokeParadox

    Pandora Converting a Debian deb to PND?

    Hi Chaps, I've been playing about with PanDebian now I finally have enough free space to do so and I've installed squeeze then upgraded to wheezy and found that the excellent PIM software, Osmo runs fine. Is it possible to take the binary from the deb file or from the PanDebian chroot and...
  11. PokeParadox

    Wifi Dongle Firmware

    Well I finally sat down and tried my Wifi dongle (I originally bought for my RaspberryPi) on my Pandora... And it detected it as an Ralink rt2800 based dongle but couldn't load the firmware. I know the firmware is not provided in SuperZaxxon (or is a full flash needed?) but could it be (the FW...
  12. PokeParadox

    Picodrive Segfault

    With the DGen release reminding me to play some of my Megadrive collection, I thought I'd fire up Picodrive... and I just get a segfault. I've only  updated  the OS maybe a week after ED announced the latest SZ update. Anyone else having  issues recently or do I need to reflash?
  13. PokeParadox

    Mousepad displays on startup

    I have a weird probablem whereby Mousepad is always starting after a fresh boot. I've no idea why it started doing this but it's starting to get a little annoying. Anyone have any ideas on what to do to stop this weird behaviour?
  14. PokeParadox

    Tips when using TV-Out

    Hi guys, I recently received my 1GHz and I've been experimenting with my TV-out cable by MarkoeZ. The TV-out can be a little clunky but I've found a couple of things that can make it a little better. QJoypad - In brief this goes some way in helping the situation. I mirror-mapped the Pandora...
  15. PokeParadox

    My New Pandora

    So I've spent the weekend playing with my new toy... and I am enjoying it as much as I did the first time round! I'm just going to put my initial observations here... The extra RAM is definitely noticeable as Android and Firefox run a lot better than it did on my CC Pandora. (I haven't used a...
  16. PokeParadox

    Making my way into 1GHz Club

    Hey guys. Just to say that while I didn't make a monthly donation to ED - I did some budget calcs and slapped down some coin to join the 1GHz club today! I've been managing without a Pandora for around 2 months so can't wait until it arrives! Sqweeeeeeeeeee
  17. PokeParadox

    PokeParadox Downtime

    Hi Guys just a heads up that I have basically no spare time since my wife and son are visiting me on a tourist visa and I have to make the most of these four months. I suppose when I'm back at work next week I'll still check the forums on my lunch break but you are likely not see me apart from...
  18. PokeParadox

    30 minutes of RAW Mupen64Plus N64 TV-out footage.

    Just some RAW video capture of some N64 games, running on my CC256MB Pandora!
  19. PokeParadox

    Release Mupen64 Config Testing

    Hi guys, We all know that mupen64 can be a little hit and miss about what it can run well... and the default config is pretty... shit. So the idea is that we try and collaborate here to get a GOOD default configuration that can be included in the PND when we are ready so that the default...
  20. PokeParadox

    TV-Out is a little quirky

    Long story short is that MarkoeZ sent me a TV-Cable he'd hacked together and I've had chance to play with it. I noticed that using the "toolbox" on the XFCE menu to enable TV-out only gives crappy composite and there are no options for Svideo. In order to enable Svideo TV-out, you have to...