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  1. Parkydr

    Gp2X Wiki Under Attack

    The GP2X wiki has getting a lot of spam pages over the last couple of days. I've been deleting them as soon as possible, but it's getting a bit tiring. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  2. Parkydr

    Gp32 In The Bizarre Cathedral

    The GP32 has a mention in The Bizarre Cathedral. Not exactly in a good way though :(
  3. Parkydr

    Anyone For Xdigger?

    Anyone interested in a port of xdigger, it's a boulderdash type game. Graphics and sound are not great but it has a 320x240 mode and uses the X server :) There's a screenshot and some info on this page
  4. Parkydr

    GP2X Emulated Arm Linux Development Enviroment

    Has anyone tried this? I'm having problems cross-compiling things like GTK and OpenMotif, so native compiling would be a way around this. I've already found that I can run some of my X based GP2X programs on my PC with qemu-arm :)
  5. Parkydr

    Gravityforce2x Released

    I've finally finished porting Gravity Force. :) In Gravity Force you control a little ship. Your mission is to collect all cargo and return it safely to your home base. This would be quite easy if there were no enemies and no gravity pulling you to the ground. Well, for the enemies you have a...
  6. Parkydr

    Gp2xpdf Version 0.4 Released

    Version 0.4 of GP2Xpdf is now available from GP2X11 New in this release: Start opens/closes the bookmarks dialog Select hides/shows the tool bar Thinner scroll bars and borders - the open dialog now shows 9 files
  7. Parkydr

    Slow Start From Menu

    I have an application, which I'm starting from a script. If I run the script from telnet or sterm, the application takes less than 10 seconds to start. If I launch it from gp2xmenu it takes about 20 seconds. Anyone seen this before? Any idea what the problem is?
  8. Parkydr

    Register Report On Gp2x's New Processor ;)

    There's publicity for the 275MHz version in The Register
  9. Parkydr

    Racing Game That May Be Possible

    Trophy is a 2D racing game. It uses clanlib. I don't know if anyone has tried porting this.
  10. Parkydr

    Missile Command

    How about a missile launcher for the GP2X
  11. Parkydr

    Tv Alternative

    Wonder if I'll be able to connect this to my GP2X?
  12. Parkydr

    GP2X Interprocess Communication

    The only way I have found to do this is to use pipes, but this means I have to fork the client from the server. What I want to do is start the client separately and have it connect to the server. Sockets are out. Named pipes(FIFOs) don't seem to work. mkfifo function and mknod command return...
  13. Parkydr

    GP2X Firmware 1.4.0 And Sdl_mixer

    I've just updated to the 1.4.0 firmware and the sounds/music in Freedroid plays too fast (sounds like Pinky and Perky or the Smurfs depending on your age :) ). I've seen this mentioned in the Hw Accelerated Sdl thread and I do use paeryn's SDL but do other people have the same problem with...
  14. Parkydr

    GP2X Creating Sockets

    Would it be possible to set up enough networking (just a loopback device will do) to be able to create sockets without requiring a custom kernel?