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  1. zaephen

    Programming Question

    I've been out of the programming bit for a good while now. I'm trying to get back into it to contribute something to this community and hardware that I love. I'm not an expert coder by any means but I've already hit a snag. It's probably something simple that I'm just overlooking. If one of...
  2. zaephen

    Pocketsnes V7.0

    I expected to see some posts about it today but I haven't so let me ask: has anyone tried the new PocketSNES emulator v7.0? No offense to the person/people working on it but the compatibility seems worse than the 6.5 or whatever the older version was. Just curious as I haven't seen any posts...
  3. zaephen

    Official Gph Sdk

    I just wanted to get people's opinion on the Official GPH SDK as I saw it was released yesterday. I installed it and rebuilt my sample code from here and my PNG loading issue went away completely ;). That makes me think I had a bad/wrong library of something somewhere. Seems like a nice tidy...
  4. zaephen

    Loading Png Files

    I'm having a problem loading PNG images on the WIZ with SDL. Can anyone spot anything wrong with this code? It worked before on WinXP/Linux. Here is the image loader function: SDL_Surface* LoadImage(char* file_name) { /* Temporary storage for the image that is loaded. */ SDL_Surface*...
  5. zaephen

    Wiz After Pandora Release

    I just got my Wiz last week so yeah, there's still a warm fuzzy "new" feeling to it and I don't ever plan to put it down ;) . I expect when the Pandora is released there will be a huge surge in people using/developing for it. My question is, will users/developers continue to support their Wiz?
  6. zaephen


    Apologies if this has been answered already. I looked through the Pandora information and couldn't find a clear answer. After this initial batch of Pandoras, is there a plan to make more and have them available to be ordered online, in stock so I can pay the extra and get next-day air? LOL...
  7. zaephen

    Game With Others Online

    This may be a silly question and no one will probably know but does anyone know of a site/forum/client program to hook players up for multiplayer retro gaming? I know some emulators support online multiplayer, I'm just wondering if there is any kind of community to hook players up.
  8. zaephen


    Let me start by saying that I'm NO WAY attacking or saying anything derogatory about anyone responsible for PrBoom/DOOM. I'm extremely thankful to the fine folks who have contributed their time and energy to porting PrBoom to the Wiz. They have done infinitely more for the community than I...
  9. zaephen

    Firmware 1.2.1

    I got my Wiz today and I've had it a total of 12 hours. Everything worked perfectly. I checked and it came with fireware 1.1.0. I noticed that 1.2.1 was out so I thought I'd put that on as I want the most current everything. I downloaded the file and extracted it. I put all the files in the...
  10. zaephen

    Gp2X Wiz

    This is my first post. Sorry if this has been already been asked. I looked through a PDF of the Wiz manual and also searched on this site and couldn't find an answer. My Wiz should be here tomorrow but I'm dying to know, can you play it while it's charging? If not, how long does it typically...