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  1. Failbert

    Are you a Linux user or Windows user? Or maybe a macOS user?

    To be fair it's been 5+ years ago and I hadn't given it a tenth of scrutiny and time dedication as I did over the years to master for dosbox emulation, so thanks for the news. I'll take these words as a start and might just start preparing for the pyra sooner than planned.
  2. Failbert

    Are you a Linux user or Windows user? Or maybe a macOS user?

    Windows 7 for my day job (and I can report that a regularly updated win7 behaves already as bad for privacy and efficiency as win10) and for games ("stripped down" using tools like nlite) at home, but I am aspiring to Linux for day-to-day computing and hobby. I could say I'm "stuck" with...
  3. Failbert

    Wanna watch an old computer render? You're in luck!

    Alt-tabbing to look at it every couple minutes. This is extremely cool (and I'm sure this statement only highlights my position as an influential authority on what's cool).
  4. Failbert

    Case Improvements and the keymat

    Purely hypothetic, but I would argue that if the costs are comparable, a specialized solution with self-adhesive logos would be less messy for assembly: 1. Repeatability: when spraying by hand, especially a couple hundred logos, there is a possibility of spraying too little or too much...
  5. Failbert

    Case Improvements and the keymat

    Oh I thought what is needed is a heat sink like a "radiator", that ribbed kind of thing. This looks like a heat pipe, sorry for the confusion I could cause with my previous post and it's unneccessary excitement. I'm so embarassed to have missed it. Thanks for the link. Also ED mentions sending...
  6. Failbert

    Case Improvements and the keymat

    Sealing: @EvilDragon if You could please post here a .dxf (or any vector graphic, it's no big deal to convert them) to describe the shape of the sealing, or at least tell us the inner and outer size of a rectangular approximation, then starting monday I'd be happy to volunteer and ask around...
  7. Failbert

    GPS weekcounter rollover and the Pyra mobile edition

    Not the first time it happened (see table below, notes from a lecture by my former professor Mr. George Preiss), although I don't know what happened to the functionality of any hardware (well, non-military hardware) during the 1st and 2nd "unwraps" of the week number. Further very basic on...
  8. Failbert

    5G is coming... not in my lifetime

    Sure, never for a moment did I mean this is beneficial in regards to us absorbing all of that. Seeing that graphic makes me think it's all about making it convenient to stream everything, deliver everything to the screen and let the phone or desktop essentially be a dumb terminal. And a...
  9. Failbert

    5G is coming... not in my lifetime

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong or oversimplifying, but IIRC it's a correlation that (at least with what we use for telecom) the higher the radio frequency, the worse it is at penetrating terrain and obstacles. Regarding mostly Bernd's remark about content: the majority of the...
  10. Failbert

    Wrapping everything up!

    This. Besides being sympathetic personally to, and generally trusting of ED, I think for this type of project, no deadline is needed- we're generally a pre-paying customer, not big CEO's putting money to the production department saying "here's the upfront payment. we need this product on the...
  11. Failbert

    Wrapping everything up!

    There isn't a "live" schedule being officialy kept, as there is no deadline, so to speak (which I think is good for this type of project). I think You can make out the scenarios by reading news threads from the last couple of months; once in a while ED brings up a listing of components to be...
  12. Failbert

    Wrapping everything up!

    I believe Your question wasn't taken seriously, but if I understand correctly Your confusion then here is an explanation: No we can't, the molds are the special designed metal elements that plastic is injected into to make the case. There is only one full set, so only one company at a time can...
  13. Failbert

    Faltergeist: FOSS Fallout Engine

    I used to think a lot (I used to dream I'd make games, of course ;)) and wonder why the system You propose wasn't used so often in older crpgs. It'd add fun visuals and a feeling of all-around battle chaos- imho no matter how long would it take to plan a turn, it'd feel more fast-paced than...
  14. Failbert

    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    I specifically meant updates on the project status, as in "news". Seeing as hockey season started some months ago and the project didn't seem to slow down at all, I don't think you need to worry about the progress.
  15. Failbert

    WIP Report: No known hardware issues, 30 days of uptime

    IIRC EvilDragon's company has a lot of work because it's a video production company handling hockey matches, so I think we might get fewer updates than we did. On the other hand, there is a bigger shift towards software issues now rather than hardware, so reading the mailing list might bring...
  16. Failbert

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    If on this playthrough You're also "stuck" in the low exp levels, I suggest taking them on a trip to San Mona and doing some sidequests to boost them. Everyone has his own pace and own style of putting the mercs to work, but I think that in the long run, especially at the higher difficulty...
  17. Failbert

    Major Life Changes

    - moved from (100k) small town to big (if we accept that 500+k is big) town - switched industry from construction-related to warehouse-related - (see above) switched job from 10-14h/day and being on the phone to 8h and leaving the job at the desk every day - learnt (presumably) A LOT about linux...
  18. Failbert

    MNT Reform - hackable, modular laptop

    That trackball looks like taken straight from a vandalism-proofed infokiosk, but that'd be one way to achieve a long lifetime :)
  19. Failbert

    It's the speed that counts.

    Having worked in window and door projects in Germany, having read all the tender documents with the requirements they place on their buildings and all their functional and decorative elements, and the strictness under which they ensure that everything delivered to housing projects Germany is...
  20. Failbert

    Well, youtube died. . .

    The "basic html mode" doesn't show them yet, fwiw.