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  1. Matthias_H

    Investor forum?

    Sounds interesting, since I happen to have invested all of our family savings in OpenPandora GmbH :-) Where would I find that forum?
  2. Matthias_H

    [shameless_plug] Win tons of Retrodes and other stuff!

    Hi y'all! The Retrode (the world's funnest USB adapter for vintage video games) just turned three years old, and the party is still on! We're having a big giveaway with lots of prizes - in fact, as of right now, still more prizes than participants :) So see you over at the party site! (click...
  3. Matthias_H

    Donating my Pandora to Waitlisted Developer

    Hi, I just noticed it's been almost a year since I received my Pandora. Since then, I've touched it once or twice (the last time was when we moved to Canada back in May) but otherwise, it is pretty much in its original state. Essentially, all I've done is confirmed that my own gadget works on...
  4. Matthias_H

    Retro-Gaming Poll

    Hi, I'd really love to know how many classic game cartridges (say, Atari VCS2600 to N64) people own in here. As for myself, it's something around 35, but always looking out for more :) Cheers, Matthias
  5. Matthias_H

    OTG Port

    Hi, I just tried to connect a full-speed (12Mbps) USB device to my brand new Pandora's OTG port, and a high-speed (480Mbps) external hard disk to both USB ports, with no success whatsoever. Full-speed device at host port : dmesg: "hub 1-0:1-0: unable to enumerate", well, duh, the device is...
  6. Matthias_H

    Seven Days(TM)

    Hi! I'm wondering when I should expect the premium unit for which I received the confirmation 9 days ago. Has anyone had any luck yet? UPDATE: They found out what was wrong, and brought my unit on its way. Never mind.
  7. Matthias_H

    Pandora Developing a Guitar Simulator Application for the Pandora

    Dear all, Quite a while ago I suggested the creation of a guitar simulation for the Pandora. The idea is to have the photo of guitar strings as GUI, and the user could use the stylus (or their fingers) to pluck or strum the strings. The actual pitch per string (fingering) could be controlled...
  8. Matthias_H

    Guitar Simulator Application

    Update: Please check this thread for news and a crude GUI/audio prototype. Dear all, I've been tinkering with the idea of a sample-based acoustic guitar simulator in the style of Ubisoft Jam Sessions for the DS, but, of course, better and more flexible :) Let's see what we have in the...
  9. Matthias_H

    I'll Say It Again: Make Them Send A Photo Of The Finished Cases

    Really. I've done that a couple of times, and it is truly amazing how fast they sometimes get things done in China if you only ask for a photo of the result. Say you want a photo of 1000 cases NOW, then they will start making and painting the cases tomorrow, and UPS can pick them up on Monday...
  10. Matthias_H

    A Little Contest While We're Waiting :)

    I posted a puzzle/riddle/contest on my website, so while you're waiting for Pandora news, why not try to solve it? I only have a bunch of little prizes to give, but whoever discovers the secret will indulge in deep satisfaction. Promise :) Look here Cheers, Matthias
  11. Matthias_H

    Usb Otg Adapters - Which Ones, And Where To Get?

    So it looks like for connecting something as basic as a mouse or external keyboard to the Pandora's OTG, we are going to need a micro-A-male - to regular-A-female adapter. From how I understand it, micro-B won't work because of the ID pin that is supposed to tell the Pandora to act as a host...
  12. Matthias_H

    [Status Update] Now It's Official

    Am I really the first to notice the small status update? :) EDIT: Well, turns out I'm not. Anyway, always glad to cause a little stir :)
  13. Matthias_H

    Too Late For Transparent Cases?

    Hi, I remember some folks suggesting the idea of a transparent case, just like the prototype they used for considerations of mechanical stress... I spent some time searching through the archive, but could not find an answer. So I was wondering: could it still be possible to make part of the...
  14. Matthias_H

    Snega2Usb: Usb Reader For Snes And Genesis Carts

    This is clearly off-topic, but allow me to post it anyway, since it is in this very forum that this project began. I'm talking of course about my little USB adapter for SNES and SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. There is probably no easier way of rescuing your collection of good old 16-bit games into...
  15. Matthias_H

    Snega2Usb Is Taking Preorders

    I just wanted to announce that I have started to take preorders for the snega2usb. For those who missed the buzz the project got in its early stage, the snega2usb is a USB reader for SNES and SEGA Genesis cartridges with a bunch of additional features. If you own SNES or Genesis / Mega Drive...