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    Question About Pandora

    I am starting to look at Pandora as like, the final choice of hardware for portable emulation. Being able to carry such a huge library of games would be fantastic. The other parts of the Pandora look great too, but I am in this only for the gaming aspect. From previous topics and posts, it was...
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    Your Conditions For Getting A Pandora

    If I ever order one, I am going to wait around the same amount of time I did to get a GP2X, which was just about 3 months ago. The thing is, I'd be using it almost 99% for gaming, and because of that, buying it ASAP just doesn't seem like a smart move to me. Besides, first batches ALWAYS have...
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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

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    The Gp2x Is Dead!

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    Space Varments - Invading A Gp2x Near You Soon.....

    This looks awesome, this is something I'd totally pay for.
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    How Is It That Payback Looks So Good?

    Hahaha.. Wow. I love how you said it "tricks" your brain into thinking it looks good. What the hell. Are you trying to say now, there is some sort of standard for games, that has a requirement to if it looks good or not? So if a game doesn't meet a certain amount of polygons or something, it...
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    Pandora Pricing - What Price Would You Pay?

    People saying they will pay any price for the Pandora, that is absolutely ridiculous. So it is small, big flipping deal. For $500 you can pick up a laptop that can do everything a Pandora does, plus choose whatever kind of OS you want to load up on it. And you would still have the choice to...
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    Pandora Pricing - What Price Would You Pay?

    Well the GP2X for me, was a entire gaming thing. And I refused to buy one when they first came out because of the price. I still wouldn't even have one today if it wasn't for the fact that the price has dropped. I mean, someone could always go out and buy a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP. Hell, I'd...
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    Tikka Dungeons Ingame Video

    I am not a shallow gamer. I love NetHack to no end, and I actually prefer to play it on classic mode with the ascii text mode on. But that is because it works well with the game, and it matches well graphics wise. If the developers had decided to do 3D rendered backgrounds with a giant @ walking...
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    Tikka Dungeons Ingame Video

    Back in the day, when you had a BBC micro, that may have been the best you could have had to play at the time. There wasn't getting any better, so you just dealt with it, playing the games and finding out they are very fun. A lot of true classic games from that time, ended up winning over...
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    Tikka Dungeons Ingame Video

    Yeah, god forbid he gives an honest opinion of what he thinks of a preview for a game someone is going to try and sell. They should be thankful he is being honest. If there is enough people who have issues with the game, perhaps they will work on it longer and make it a respectable game that...
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    Tikka Dungeons Ingame Video

    You are not the only person who thinks this game looks like crap. When I FIRST saw the screen shots, I though, well, that looks like a nice game, I might be willing to buy it. But I am quickly changing my mind. Why? 1. Well done pixel based art for the sprites, with fake looking, 3D rendered...
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    New F-200 .. Holy Insane Volume! Any Workaround?

    I don't know what you are talking about. My GP2X F200 is perfectly fine in the volume department. I turned the music up full blast when I was in my room and I couldn't even hear the music when I got more then 10 feet away. There is NO way the boot sound could have woken a sleeping baby up if it...
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    Picodrive - Sega Cd Audio Help

    I have looked at Audacity for Windows but can't figure out how to work it.
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    Picodrive - Sega Cd Audio Help

    Hello all, I am using PicoDrive on my GP2X F200 to play some Sega CD iso files. Popful Mail and Sonic CDwork fantastic, I usually get 60FPS with perfect audio. But I recently downloaded Lunar 1 and Lunar 2. The audio is all screwed up. The sound effects and music all are squeaky and the voice...
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    Fleshchasmer I: The Eve V1.2

    The concept itself is very good and to be honest, I did like the game. But I had issues with the game that, in the end, resulted in me taking the game off my SD card. For starters, the game "feels" laggy, to a point where I didn't care for it. I don't know if the game is supposed to feel slow...
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    Prboom Help

    I'd like some help with PRBoom please. I am using the current version from the archive, on a GP2X F200 model system. The game runs fine if I just leave it all alone. But I wanted to play Doom 1 and 2. I found the needed wads and put them in the same directory as PRBoom. I then edited the config...