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    This games ROCKS with an optical trackball :) I just bought a Logitech Marble Mouse, it has a big chunky trackball on it that looks just like the ball in the game! B) Nice ergonomic "mouse" as well, no need to move anything but your finger. So if you like this game, go out and buy one of...
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    When Is The Gp2x Official Release?

    Actually I'm pretty sure it was GPH saying that all pre-orders were not the official release, and that there would be an official release early this year. Craigx should know, and he says it's in March apparently, I'm waiting until then.
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    Gp32 Seuck

    Great work Wub, that you're still working away on this beasty ;) I think that once it's finished, and the inevitable rush of GP2X users donate for you to get a GP2X, SEUCK is going to allow a lot more people to be a lot more creative with amateur gaming. Well, shootemups, but who doesn't love...
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    Commodore Combo (new Hardware?)

    That's what's known as the C64DTV. The PAL version has some amazing enhanced features that can be accessed if you mod it, and both the old NTSC version and the new PAL version can be modded to have a k/b, drive, monitor etc. The PAL unit unfortunately has a nasty colour fault that makes some...
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    Commodore Combo (new Hardware?)

    The C64DTV tech has a top limit of a few Mhz, with the enhanced features enabled. Obviously it can't run WinCE or a GPS :P This seems to be off the shelf chinese crap, whacked in a badly designed case. Almost all tech from china can run NES games it seems B)
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    New Fenix Beta Comments

    I contacted Chui in December, he said he *might* have something ready around Christmas. I really think it could have been delayed by the development of the new Fenix language, although that is speculation. What is sure is that he was definitely planning work on it last month. I'd think waiting...
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    Commodore Combo (new Hardware?)

    NES games you mean :P
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    Drama End

    What purpose does this thread serve other than as bait? I don't think it's encouraging an end to the drama at all. :unsure:
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    How About A Gp32 Emulator For The Gp2x

    Yeah, I think that the GP2X should be quite capable of "emulating" the GP32, it would just take someone with some time and dedication to do it.
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    Sega Possibly Re-releasing The Dreamcast

    Apparently, it's good to keep your girlfriend amused... ahem. :lol:
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    Unban Daclassicgamingmaster

    Seems rude and unwarranted to me, to ban the guy for 5 days, without any warning. I think it's best for moderators to warn by PM first at least, and I also think that any responsible and mature forum should have a mod team that collaborates and discusses issues like this before they blow up...
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    Are The Gpx2 And The Xgp The Sucessors Of The Gp32

    Ok, from what I've been told on these forums, GamePark holds the rights to the GP32. GPH is the splinter company from the original. So this makes the XGP the actual successor to the GP32, no matter how much the ideals of the GP2X may mirror those of the GP32 (in it's later years). The GP2X...
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    Sega Possibly Re-releasing The Dreamcast

    I'd like to see a dreamcast handheld, apparently there was some Dreamcast on a chip developed not so long ago, so it is possible. That'd be really impressive. I'd buy that over a GP2X! <ducks>
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    Most Epic Battle

    Neo Vs. Giant Robot Agent Smith at the end of Path of Neo. B) No wait... THAT SUCKED! :lol: eheh, excuse me.
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    What The Hell Is F-day?

    Cozmic is from holland, maybe has been partaking of too much of the local smoking herbs... Now let's back away very quietly...
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    Your Browser Extensions

    Web Developer extension is INVALUABLE to any web designer/developer, it really is one of the most used tools on my computer. You do need to reinstall your browser with DOM Inspector enabled for it to work fully though.
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    GP32 Gpdesktop Progress

    Awesome work Pea, this could be really handy indeed. Hmm, maybe I can convince The Wub to use it for the SEUCK GUI ;) Great to see people still supporting the GP32 :) Which reminds me... Really should get to work on a certain mag! :ph34r:
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    Daphne Laserdisc Emulator Planned!

    Again, don't judge laserdisc games from the interactive cartoon style games. The shooters really were a great arcade experience, didn't even feel so much like a laserdisc game.
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    Actually not true, almost all of the games released for C64 are still officially illegal warez ;) If you're offended by illegal warez, then checkout, they do have about 70 games that are officially freeware authorised by their creators. All else is still illegal, although hardly...
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    The only things you could call "roms" as far as c64 games are the few quite crappy cartridge games, and Frodo won't allow carts anyways. C64 s/w was on tapes and disks, so the files are tape and disk images. NOT ROMS. Sorry, always bugs me to hear the term misused on the c64 ;) Anyway, I...