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    Buy Or Wait

    Hi Mark, I would like to point out that the zodiac is no longer supported by tapwave. Also note that GPH will probably give you little support or none, but in the support of the gp2x most of the vendors of the unit will give you a 1 year warranty and these boards will answer any or all of your...
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    Public Domian Movies

    Check out the prelinger archives, all public domain.
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    Gp2x Vids

    OOOOOHHHHHHHH! gp2x pron!
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    Where Are You Based?

    Montreal, Quebec (Canada) Haven't pre-ordered yet- need to scrounge some cash. Any other montrealers in the house??
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    Star Wars Comming To An End

    Hey theres always the pron versions... Star Whores and Attack of the Hormones! There are great lines in the movies like "I sense a great disturbance in my pants"and"Oh my! that is a big lightsaber!!!".
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    Your Favorite Mame Games

    Black tiger...don't think it works in the current version of gpmame :(
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    To All Homebrewers

    Try Pro wrestling for the nes-best wresting game ever!
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    Gp32 Ii

    anyone notice there is no usb or fire wire connection? Do you load stuff via wi-fi???
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    Gp32 Mascot

    It shouldnt be a gp32 mascot. It should be a gp32x mascot!
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    Damn Those Homebrew Games!

    When you create your first uber game... you might just have the right to complain. Why did you buy a gp32 in the first place if you think the hombrew is so crappy?
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    Is The Gp32 Age Ending?

    Been there, done that...
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    Sound Good?

    felix you wouldn't happen to be from quebec?
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    33mhz Palm

    Pain-why don't you go to a palm or pocket pc site to ask these questions?
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    Gameking 2!!!

    The one Telcolouwas talkin about looks like some sort of sex toy for women
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    What Will You Do When Ds/psp Comes Out?

    KILL EVERYONE AND DRINK THERE BLOOD FROM THE SHELL OF MY GP32! Oh there I go thinking out loud again. :lol:
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    Last Resort - Won't Load!

    you need the fenix runtime library. dont remember where to put it. HOORAY FOR ME! 100th post
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    Arcade Game Remakes

    we might not have mugen but we have the most excellent KOF 91 which is sorta like mugen.
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    Gaming, Socially Acceptable?

    Life is all about having fun who cares if you look stupid while playing games.
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    Drmd, New Version

    it would have to be able to be set to 150mhz also :)
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    Could Someone Help Me With Epsxe

    I would suggest reading the readme file that came with epsxe, if not google it and if you did all of this you would find out that you needed a playstion bios, the plugin forISO file and the file would most likely have to be a bin cue file.