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  1. Rubis Drake

    Quick and Dirty CPU comparison between Pyra and OpenPandora

    I'm all about quick and dirty comparisons. You're lucky to have a prototype. God damn it.
  2. Rubis Drake

    Setting up a Pyra VM as close as possible

    Your best bet at the moment, I think, is a custom QEMU build. And no, I'm not sure how to go about doing that. Software emulation of peripherals is also an issue. Why not wait until the thing comes out at least?
  3. Rubis Drake

    How os friendly is the pyra?

    Replicant will not be able to support the GPU. Like I said, there are some proprietary binary blobs. I won't deny that Replicant could run on it with fbdev enabled. Something Lineage OS would be a good choice as well.
  4. Rubis Drake

    File system question.

    Btrfs doesn't have a lost+found directory.
  5. Rubis Drake

    RISC OS?

    Well, the one reason that keeps me coming back to Pyra is that it actually has a good developer community. They understand the users. They're not the typical people out to make a quick buck out of consumers. And there's a lot of bad examples. Another good example is VoCore. They have real...
  6. Rubis Drake

    DBP repository

    I hate to ask this, but will this be sort of an App store implementation to install programs from, or just an extra repo? And will this be a repo that anyone can add to Debian's sources.list, for example?
  7. Rubis Drake

    How easy would it be to get xmonad up and running on a Pyra?

    Once Debian gets a TWM Wayland desktop in their repos, I'll start using Sway, probably. Right now I use openbsd-cwm (Calm WM).
  8. Rubis Drake

    File system question.

    f2fs-tools lack some significant features like FS shrinking. Error checking and fsck is still iffy I've heard. Might not be true. I don't have direct experience with it. I prefer Btrfs at the moment, even if it has its problems, too. if bcachefs gets more development, I'd rather use that. Maybe...
  9. Rubis Drake

    RISC OS?

    Sounds like a fun project. RISC OS Open is such a niche OS, though. Yeah, I said "Open". Why would anyone bother using the non-open one?
  10. Rubis Drake

    Download Pyra Debian OS (WIP)

    Now that Firefox requires PulseAudio, I can see why that would be needed, not just for WebRTC voice calls, but IM applications like Skype, Discord, etc...
  11. Rubis Drake

    How os friendly is the pyra?

    To me, it sounds like Pyra handheld owners will be able to run any 32-bit ARM GNU/Linux distro. BSD will be tricky. I think Android may be able to run on it? I'm not sure. You'll just need to copy over the firmware from /lib/firmware, and there may be some other blobs that need to be copied...
  12. Rubis Drake

    Bluetooth + Wi-Fi Hardware Specs

    Hmm... Well it looks like all the source files say the license for wlcore and wl18xx is GPL. Looks fine to me. Alright, cool!
  13. Rubis Drake

    Pyra as full mobile phone replacement?

    Don't be delusional. You can't make up excuses for things that aren't there yet. What you see in the specs is what you get in terms of hardware when you buy. And, of course, you get a decent community in the back working on the software as well! You could try to fit it in your pocket, but it's...
  14. Rubis Drake

    Open Source GPU Drivers for Qualcomm Adrenos

    They Pyra appears to be using two parts of 70-Pin DF40 connectors for the CPU and RAM connectors. The only company I know to sell chips like these are Gumstix. And unfortunately, all the Gumstix COMs use OMAP garbage as well. A few are actually XScale, but it's slow as nails. We'll need to...
  15. Rubis Drake

    Pyra as full mobile phone replacement?

    I also agree that the Pyra seems very impractical to use as a mobile device. It's hard to hold in your hand, then hold it up to your ear, and have that combination make you look like a normally functioning human being. So in the meantime, the mobile device is mostly useful for GPS, or doing...
  16. Rubis Drake

    Bluetooth + Wi-Fi Hardware Specs

    Sorry if a thread like this already exists, but can I please know exactly what Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chipset is going to be used on the Pyra. Will it be able to run without proprietary firmware and drivers? Thanks a lot for any answers.
  17. Rubis Drake

    Download Pyra Debian OS (WIP)

    Man, I would really like to figure out how someone could make a QEMU/VM setup and configuration for testing this rootfs. Last I checked, someone even made an extremely bare-bones XBOX emulator with QEMU, and there's also one for the Ben NanoNote. Is anyone using an ARM 32-bit (armhf) dev-board...
  18. Rubis Drake

    Any possibility of this running PS2 emulators?

    The big problem with emulators like PCSX2 is that they, for some reason, use x86 32-bit assembly code, making it only able to run that code on that specific architecture. If only somebody could successfully translate that ASM code to C (or whatever the emulator uses) could it then finally become...
  19. Rubis Drake

    What will a Pyra be able to do that the OpenPandora can't do now?

    How is Dolphin (Emulator) and PPSSPP support? I still feel like I need a desktop to run those games well.
  20. Rubis Drake

    Scrub questions re: Pyra

    @levi: Yea, I guess it's hard to say what they really are.. They could be both chiclet and flat, or one or the either. I don't personally use the term flat keys or flat key-caps to define a Chiclet keyboard. But yes, Chiclet is mutually exclusive from keycap style. It could be either flatter...