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  1. rabbits with hats

    Posting Binge

    I havent logged on in years (I think this is my first post in about 3 years) but I thought I would to say hi. I hate to say it but i think the scene is pretty much dead mainly for the reasons Goity said. Back when the gp32 was the only option the community of open source handheld gamers was...
  2. rabbits with hats

    Retro-Gaming Poll

    ah cheers. And that sounds like a good collection, if its one thing my collection is missing its rare games. I dont have any of the one you named. I have got a few rare ones tho such as probotector and streets of rage 3. Here is a nearly complete list of my megadrive games if anyone is interested.
  3. rabbits with hats

    Retro-Gaming Poll

    I have about 200 for the megadrive then maybe another 150 all together
  4. rabbits with hats

    Stolen Riff?

    this is quite a good example
  5. rabbits with hats

    Stolen Riff?

    I appear to be going mad then aye? Fair enough i suppose :P . I have been playing doom abit too much lately, maybe ive just got it on the mind. :wacko:
  6. rabbits with hats

    Stolen Riff?

    I can remember hearing this song on the radio a couple of years ago and thinking that the music sounded fimiliar then i heard it again today and realised that the riff is VERY smiliar to that from the music on DOOM level e1m4. So is it just me that thinks they stole it? Or maybe my hearing is...
  7. rabbits with hats

    Nworksdev N64 Emulator On Iphone

    i remember someone trying to pull one like this on the psp
  8. rabbits with hats

    Some How My Net Speed Has Gotten 400X Faster

    Okay so i get to uni freshers week, set up my computer to the network and internet in my halls using a lan connection and everythings working fine for about a week. The connection was slow so i checked it on, it said the download speed was about .25mbps, same as everyone elses. On...
  9. rabbits with hats


    What are you on about? fday was awesome! Cant believe you missed it.
  10. rabbits with hats

    I Will Accept A Gp32 Blu+ Who Want To Sell It

    just wondering why you would have perfered a Blu over a BLu+? while the Blu+ did have compatablity problems early on in its life (as i found out annoyingly being one of the first with one) everything you will want to want to play on a gp32 works with Blu+ consoles these days and its screen is...
  11. rabbits with hats

    Disgo Net Browser 3000

    i saw one of these in hmv for the first time 2 days ago and have been looking for information on it on the net since, but havent been able to find anything! I know maplin do a minibook like this and they say its not possible to change the OS. Apparantly you cant put 3rd party programs on it too...
  12. rabbits with hats

    What Do We Think Of This?

    run, im so embarrassed for you
  13. rabbits with hats

    Gp2X Wiz "tower Defense" Coding Competition

    PLEEEEEEEEASE! can someone make a plants vs zombies clone! :P
  14. rabbits with hats

    My Sad Sad Story

    As you know money is a very valuable thing even more so if you are a student going off to uni at the end of the year with a poor family and no job. So imagine my joy when in the shed at the bottom of the garden i find a foldable bike from the 80's. Its in reasonable condition and not really...
  15. rabbits with hats

    Further Delays For The Pandora

    what if you quoted a picture of a quote pyramid in the quote pyramid?
  16. rabbits with hats

    Further Delays For The Pandora

    Do you mean sexy?
  17. rabbits with hats

    Further Delays For The Pandora

    Well no surprises there :P The guys are working so hard it must be so annoying every time something goes wrong. I hope it all pays off when they are rolling around naked in a pool full of money.
  18. rabbits with hats

    Further Delays For The Pandora

    And what's THAT supposed to mean?! lol