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    Gaming results on the new Intel Bay Trail playlist of games that run on baytrail,
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    the vivaldi lives!?
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    Potential X86 (Non ARM) SoC Alternatives

    a playlist for what the atom can do
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    Is there any gamepads made for 7 / 8 " tablets ?

    it should be able to do dreamcast emu...ps2 not very well...
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    soc power draw [rough numbers]

    so I just compiled this quick list of soc power numbers, it must be stated that these all include platform power[ei the other components] and they all have different types and sizes of displays. lower to higher: [perf] rockchip 3188 idle                           - 1.4-5W  |  2.8-8W  max...
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    Some more of my ideas

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    I can almost, with 90% certainty saythat the p2 should use an amd apu!

    samsung ativ book 9 lite with amd a6-1450   under load the asus t100 with atom z3740 can use upto ~12W and idles a mobile optimized tablet...
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    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    pandora presents PARADOX, kinda fancy... "pee to the third" p^3...p3
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    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    pandora.PRO people like the "PRO" branding
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    Impractical Pandora-successor names

    STEAMBOY or STEAMBOX steam machine + gameboy people love steam and steam machines people love the GAMEBOY then again this dependent of x86.
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    AMD Gaming Tablet

    haswel hd4400 will outperform this if this is temash/kabini...
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    AMD Gaming Tablet

    its even less if you plan on upgrading to a newer nvidia gpu!
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    Potential X86 (Non ARM) SoC Alternatives

    impossble to render at 1440p sir, 720p 20-30 at best for source games gameplay videos here here are some videos
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    I can almost, with 90% certainty saythat the p2 should use an amd apu! interesting, it seems AMD has not let me down...cant wait for shipping products!
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    Just upgrade current board to dual>quad

    only a few of the allwinner chips I can tell were pin compatible, and that was the a10 and a20, according to their rep, it was a relatively painless transition.
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    JXD S7800B - RK3188 Handheld for $160

    the gamepad 2 looks pretty sweet too...
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    Potential X86 (Non ARM) SoC Alternatives

    arm isa  :rolleyes:
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    ART replacing dalvik in android 4.4 maybe this is how they will reclaim lower end hardware...
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    Nvidia's Project Shield - 'Android & Tegra 4 inside'

    is it better than the "sony" psv?
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    Archos Gamepad 2

    sorry about the new thread but anyway here is a comparison video of the gamepad 2 and its predecessor.