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  1. Kharg

    Release Hydra Castle Labyrinth

    Thanks a lot! :)
  2. Kharg

    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    How about porting Hydra Castle Labyrinth? It has been recently ported to PSVita and 3DS here's the source of the ports this should be the original source
  3. Kharg

    Release RVGL - Re-Volt remake

    So, music should be played, but you need 2 files in the root folder of RVGL "frontend.mp3" and "nhood1.mp3" these 2 works for RVGL on PC but doesn't work on pandora :/
  4. Kharg

    Port Requests

    what about Open Terraria OpenTomb or OpenRaider :D
  5. Kharg

    Release RVGL - Re-Volt remake

    Downgrading works! Thanks.
  6. Kharg

    Release RVGL - Re-Volt remake

    Same error as @xnopasaranx "Unable to make GL context current" 1Ghz Pandora on SGX 4.10 Tried all the above, nothing worked :(
  7. Kharg

    Touchscreen calibration lost at every boot?

    Well, the 2nd way works, how can I set it on boot?
  8. Kharg

    Touchscreen calibration lost at every boot?

    Hello, I've got a 1Ghz Pandora, the problem is that the touchscreen loses its calibration at every boot, what do I have to do?
  9. Kharg

    Port Requests

    Well, it's on GitHub
  10. Kharg

    Port Requests

    Would it be possible to run the PocketPC version of age of empires 1? Since it's made for arm it should work, maybe by using WineCE? 
  11. Kharg

    Port Requests

    How about OpenAge? Even if it's not completed yet it would be good to see it running on the Pandora :) Also Linthesia would be nice  (Open source Synthesia)
  12. Kharg

    More Pandoras soon at the shop!

    No more 1 GhZ units? Weren't them supposed to be 40? Will they get back in stock? If yes when?  If I order one can I get one with black case instead of a platinum one?
  13. Kharg

    Gamecube emulation on Pyra?

    Well, as I've seen the Tegra K1 is able to play gamecube games pretty well, and it is based on a quad-core A15  Pyra will use a dual-core A15, do you think that it will be enough to emulate gamecube like Tegra K1?  (As far as I know the Dolphin emulator just use 2 cores on arm) it also runs...
  14. Kharg

    [SOLD]Rebirth Edition with 1GHz upgrade and many accessories

    I'm really tempted by this, but will not have the money until the end of the month :/
  15. Kharg

    About the SD storage...

    Hi ED, My question is: What is the maximum capacity supported by the Pandora? I am asking this because here it's stated that you can add up to 256 gb of sd storage (2x128gb) but when you click it...